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Bourne’s missing shoe mystery solved thanks to family’s CCTV catching sly fox in the act

The mystery behind why shoes keep going missing in a town has been solved thanks to one family’s security camera.

On at least three occasions, some residents in Bourne have been left baffled after noticing that their shoes have vanished from their homes.

However, CCTV footage captured in front of a family’s house has revealed the culprit to be a sly fox.

Lucy Hancock’s husband had left his gardening shoes outside their front door on the evening of Monday (June 17), only for them to be gone the following morning.

After checking their security camera and expecting to see a person, the pair were shocked to see the pointy-eared and bushy-tailed animal carrying them away.

“The fox is probably the last thing you’d expect to see,” Lucy said.

The fox has been known to steal shoes on at least three occasions
The fox has been known to steal shoes on at least three occasions

“If it wasn’t caught on camera, I probably would’ve never believed it.”

They decided to post the video on Facebook in the hopes of retrieving the shoes and giving everybody something to laugh about, and the post accumulated hundreds of reactions and more than 20,000 plays.

In the Facebook post, she said: "If anyone finds a random grey New Balance trainer around Harvey Close/Westwood Drive area, please let me know!”

It wasn’t long before one was found on a grass verge not too far away, but the fox had clearly taken a liking to the other and decided to hold onto it for another 24 hours before depositing it back again.

“It’s come back a little bit chewed so I don’t think it is wearable anymore,” Lucy added.

“I just want to know what it did with it for all that time.”

It doesn’t look like the thief is planning on giving up any time soon though, as a different shoe, not belonging to Lucy’s family, has wound up in her garden this morning.

“My husband called me outside and there was this trainer that we’ve never seen before, sitting on our lawn and we found out it belonged to our neighbour.”

Another resident on Facebook said that a Jack Jones shoe has appeared behind his garden shed.

Now that everything has an explanation, Lucy is just glad that the events were able to bring something more light-hearted to the community group.

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