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Bourne Deeping Hockey Club round-up

Bourne Deeping Ladies 2nds found their goalscoring touch in an emphatic 11-0 victory over Newmarket on Saturday.

The Dragons immediately set the tone of the game from the off and were determined for an early goal.

Norah Brill swiftly carried the ball down the pitch and did a fabulous hit that the goalkeeper unfortunately saved, but the nimble Flo Dexter was in just the right place to receive the rebound and slide it home within the first four minutes of the game.

Bourne Deeping Ladies 2nds, back row, from the left, Nadine Curtis, Carol Murray, Becky Warters, Caroline Geddes, Norah Brill, Keira Maxey, Anabel Armitage, Josie Criddle, Libby Moore; front, keeper Eliana Russo, Alessia Russo, Flo Dexter.
Bourne Deeping Ladies 2nds, back row, from the left, Nadine Curtis, Carol Murray, Becky Warters, Caroline Geddes, Norah Brill, Keira Maxey, Anabel Armitage, Josie Criddle, Libby Moore; front, keeper Eliana Russo, Alessia Russo, Flo Dexter.

With strong up front players Alessia Russo and Keira Maxey putting pressure on the opposition, the former managed to make a great interception and took the ball to goal, putting the Dragons up 2-0 within 10 minutes of the match.

A further two minutes had passed when Libby Moore dribbled the ball down the left side of the pitch and Annabel Armitage was in the perfect position to receive the pass and tap into the goal.

Frustration was building within the Newmarket team and they were desperate to score a goal.

One player made a breakthrough and dashed towards the Dragons’ defending D, but Eliana Russo was fully prepared and did a brilliant slide tackle, preventing the opposition from getting anywhere near the goal, along with defenders Caroline Geddes, Nadine Curtis and Josie Criddle.

Shield players Brill and Carol Murray were doing an excellent job at supporting the attacking players and, during the first half, both had numerous runs down the pitch to enable the Dragons to have many scoring opportunities.

Brill's deft skills resulted in another assist for Alessia Russo’s second goal of the match.

Nearing the end of the first half, top diamond Becky Warters was not going to let the opportunity to score a goal pass her by and shot the ball into the back of the net with precision and force.

Once the second half began, Dexter took the ball and carried it down the right channel of the pitch, dodging multiple players, and with Warters in the D to finish the job, the Dragons’ sixth goal of the match had been scored.

Maxey and Moore continued to have many runs down the wings of the pitch, but Newmarket were persistent in not letting the Dragons through.

They fought back but, with Geddes, Curtis and Criddle in defence, Newmarket had no hope of getting past them.

Geddes and Criddle were constantly blocking the path for any opponent trying to run down the wings and they always successfully managed to regain possession whenever Newmarket had a breakthrough.

Curtis played the vital position of being central pivot and always ensured that the ball would get back to Moore, Dexter, and Maxey to create more attacking opportunities.

Resilient Murray was continuously supporting the attacking players and providing a brilliant shield which allowed the ball to always stay in Dragons' attacking D.

The Dragons were determined to create a larger goal difference and swift Armitage scored two goals within two minutes of each other, causing her to get a hat-trick.

Shortly after, speedy Moore did a magnificent drive down the left channel and was able to eliminate all her opponents by dodging around them and, once she entered the D, she gave the goalkeeper no time to react and hit the ball in the back corner and scored a fantastic goal.

With the score now being 9-0, the Dragons had their minds set on a double-digit figure.

Dexter and Maxey had many runs down the line and, on one occasion, Maxey expertly dribbled the ball and luckily hit it on an opponent’s foot in the D.

This was a crucial moment in the game as it meant the Dragons had won a short corner, giving them the ultimate opportunity to score a 10th goal.

On the first attempt, Warters hit the ball with great power, but an opponent was in the way, and it hit her foot.

The Dragons had a second opportunity and Moore injected the ball to Brill who then hit it with such force and might that there was no chance the goalkeeper was going to stop it and it glided into the back corner of the goal.

With spirits high as ever, Moore knew just how to finish off a marvellous match with another amazing run down the pitch and ending with her signature 'slingshot' goal.

Bourne Deeping avenged a last-gasp away defeat with victory in the return fixture against Cambridge City 3rds as they claimed a 3-2 success on Saturday.

Things didn't get off to the best of starts as, despite early chances, the Dragons conceded a penalty corner which City duly tucked away for a 1-0 lead in the first 10 minutes.

The match was finely poised and some last ditch defending from Angus Macbeth kept Bourne Deeping in the game before Ben Brittain received an aerial from Macbeth and chipped the ball past the Cambridge keeper to equalise.

Chances were at a premium in this attritional contest but, when Brittain struck the post, it was James Watkins who was on hand to calmly smash the rebound home to give the Dragons the lead.

Half time came and went with again Bourne Deeping riding their luck in the early stages of the half, another penalty corner whistling perilously close to the left-hand corner.

City did break through to make it 2-2 with a deflected goal, but Thomas Fowkes was on hand to finish from close range midway through the half.

Further chances went begging to extend their lead, but City also had their chances to get back on terms.

A well fought win which sees the Dragons back into third place in Division 2NW of the East League.

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