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Pupils voted onto The Deepings School’s governing body

Two pupils will be having their say on how their school should be run – after being voted onto its governing body.

Ethan Jones and Evie Latrinco-Ferris have been selected to represent youngsters at The Deepings School, which says it aims to ensure young voices are heard just as clearly in the boardroom as they are is in the classroom, wanting to places students at the forefront of decision-making.

In what is believed to be a first for a multi-academy trust, the Anthem Schools Trust has invited two students from each of its 16 schools to sit on their local governing body, called Anthem Community Councils (ACCs).

Ethan Jones and Evie Latrinco-Ferris have been selected to represent pupils on The Deepings School's council
Ethan Jones and Evie Latrinco-Ferris have been selected to represent pupils on The Deepings School's council

Headteacher Kirstie Johnson said: “We are incredibly proud of Ethan and Evie for speaking out and contributing to our new strategy, laying the foundation for positive change.

“Their voices, along with those of other students, will undoubtedly shape the future of our school and Anthem Schools Trust.

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“Since taking the position of headteacher at the school, Ethan and Evie have both championed student voice, been proactive on the student council and contribute to the school in further ways, notably their extracurricular activities.

The Deepings School headteacher Kirstie Johnson
The Deepings School headteacher Kirstie Johnson

“Therefore, it was a very natural step up for them to be put forward for this role and embrace the opportunity.”

Ethan and Evie will join Roger Gale, chair of the school community council in discussing key issues affecting the school, along with other members of the ACC.

The student representatives, selected by their fellow students, are to be known as Timi Champions after the Year 10 student from St Mark’s Academy in Mitcham, whose idea it was.

The Deepings School
The Deepings School

“I was so taken by Timi’s direct, open and honest approach and how he was able to clearly articulate the need for Anthem to consider his and other students’ voices - it was a catalyst for change,” explained Mohsen Ojja, CEO of Anthem Schools Trust.

“As a direct result of that conversation, the senior team and the board of trustees took the decision to appoint two students to all of our 16 Anthem Community Councils.

“It is essential that our students’ voices are captured, listened to, and considered as an integral part of the framework of how we work.

“Student voices must be enabled to have genuine impact across all our schools and this is embedded into our ethos.”

The ACC meetings are held termly.

The student associates will have a Timi Supporter, a nominated teacher at their school, to help guide them.

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