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Secret Drinker reviews The Whistle Stop at Grantham

“How can I make your day better with beer?”

Of all the welcomes to all the pubs I’ve ever had in my life, I’m pretty sure the greeting afforded me at The Whistle Stop is going to take some beating.

With a question so laden with temptation I was won over the second I entered but, to be quite honest, it wouldn’t have taken much longer for me to fall in love with this tremendous micro-pub based at Grantham railway station.

The Whistle Stop at Grantham railway station
The Whistle Stop at Grantham railway station

Despite having indoor seating for just 23, every inch of space was used wisely, from the comfy padded seats to the bar stools to the toy work bench there to keep younger passengers happy.

Delve a little deeper and you’ll spot the book of photographs charting the room’s journey from empty shell to eye-catching pub just five years ago, or realise the clock is purposely set five minutes fast to ensure drinkers don’t miss their trains.

There are benches out front to soak up the summer sun while out back the beer garden sits on platform one.

Inside The Whistle Stop at Grantham
Inside The Whistle Stop at Grantham

You don’t get that option waiting for the Hogwarts Express.

My brief encounter began with the jolly barmaid - who had welcomed me so warmly - suggesting I try a pint of Whistle Stop blonde ale, a drink created especially for venue.

A challenge I gladly accepted.

Whistle Stop is brewed especially for the venue
Whistle Stop is brewed especially for the venue

“We get through buckets of it,” she said, and I can see why.

While establishing itself as a popular haunt for locals, the majority of this afternoon’s trade was punters waiting for their journeys to begin.

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Customers filtered in and out like we were in a sitcom.

Not a bad beer garden
Not a bad beer garden

The gent enjoying a glass of red questioned where he could get a good local curry, the elderly couple mostly kept to themselves in the corner as they tucked into their crisps, a lad having clocked off from work wondered what time his mate would arrive.

But it all added to the mood of the place and customers joined in with the open chat as much or little as they felt comfortable with.

Behind the bar at The Whistle Stop
Behind the bar at The Whistle Stop

One by one, glances at watches turned into quick gulps and goodbye nods as punters headed to catch their trains.

I still had a little more time to kill so tried a half of Sum’mat Exotic before, even with a clock five minutes fast, it was time to begin my travels - my day made better by beer and by my visit to this cracking micro-pub.

The Whistle Stop was transformed from an empty shell
The Whistle Stop was transformed from an empty shell


DECOR: Although the green walls were i a little 80s classroom, no space was wasted andf the fast clock and photo book were great touches. 3/5

DRINK: Whistle Stop blonde ale (ABV 3.8%) by Zest Brewery was a great tipple while Sum’mat Exotic (ABV 4.4%) by Beermats Brewing Co is great for those who like their drink a little fruity. Whistle Stop 4/5, Sum’mat Exotic 3/5

PRICE: The pint of Whistle Stop was great value at £3.80 and the half of Sum’mat Exotic not bad at £2.30. 4/5

ATMOSPHERE: The constant ins and outs of travellers keeps the place nice and lively 3/5

STAFF: From to great greeting to the lively chat, my host helped make my time at the Whistle Stop a delight. 4/5

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