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Grantham author The Very Raving Mr P talks about latest book release and how writing is an ‘indulgence’

A Grantham author talks about his latest release, as well as his love for writing and fantasy fiction.

The Very Raving Mr P, born in Grantham, has just released ‘The Trouble with Tarot’, the third book in ‘The Official and Fantastical Authorised Biography of Mr P’ series.

The author, 50, focuses his novels on fantasy fiction, but with a “lot of murder, and lots and lots of blood and gore”, he said.

The Very Raving Mr P
The Very Raving Mr P

Mr P describes himself as a “spiritual person” and believes that played a part in the idea behind his latest release.

He said: “Tarot cards and Ouija boards are so cool that I was always going to delve into them at some point.

“What I really enjoyed, apart from the actual writing, was finding out more about the spirit world by talking to mediums.

The cover for The Trouble with Tarot.
The cover for The Trouble with Tarot.

“I spoke with a few, and they really gave me an insight into their world that I’d never taken the time to understand.

“The way that they feel the spirits and the way that they rely on their Tarot for guidance. “Fascinating.”

Mr P’s “ultimate” aim with his work is to create a new genre known as the ‘B-novel’.

The cover for And Death is not the End.
The cover for And Death is not the End.

He added: “[It is for] those who like to watch B-movies and listen to obscure bands that no one else has heard of.

“Sort of like a hidden secret that only the really cool understand and definitely not to be taken seriously, it is for pure enjoyment only.”

Mr P is a “true Granthamite”, after he was born in the town and attended school here before leaving to attend university.

His love for writing came from reading and being able to lose himself in an “entirely different world”.

He added: “It’s an indulgence, and there is nothing better than indulging in something and completely losing yourself in it.

“That’s what writing is all about for me, losing myself in a story and creating a place I want to be in.

“A different world, a world where anything is possible, no matter how bizarre.”

The other two books in this series of novels are ‘The Meaning of Life’ and ‘Death is not the End’.

The series focuses on the main character Mr P, who finds a magic coin and decides to spend his life seeking deadly experiences, regardless of the danger.

In ‘The Meaning of Life’, he tries to find meaning to his existence.

In ‘And Death is not the End’, he tries to solve a time-travelling murder mystery but ends up being a main player in the event.

In his latest release, it sees Mr P fight a demon from the underworld that has possessed his body and change its body parts because he doesn’t like the look of them.

Mr P added: “Every story stands alone, so there’s no need to read the others first, unless you want to, of course, but ‘The Trouble with Tarot’ is my first story to explore the spirit world in more depth.”

Mr P is also already working on his next works, with a fourth book in the series, named ‘The Magical Wonky Universe’, due to be released next year.

He is also working on a fifth and sixth book.

He added: “I don’t know when I’ll stop writing this series of books.

“But while I’m still enjoying it, I’ll carry on indefinitely, or until my own real story ends.”

To find out more about The Very Raving Mr P, go to https://pegasuspublishers.com/authors/the-very-raving-mr-p.

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