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Grantham boy, 13, launches pet sitting service to look after ‘furry friends’

A 13-year-old boy’s love for animals has led him to start his own pet sitting service.

Cyrus Oliver, from Grantham, has started Newton’s Place Home and Small Pet Services.

Cyrus is already familiar with looking after animals as he owns two cats named Sadie and Belle and three guinea pigs named Judo, Fluffy and Milky.

Cyrus Oliver, 13, with guinea pigs Milky and Fluffy.
Cyrus Oliver, 13, with guinea pigs Milky and Fluffy.

“I thought if people needed help with their furry friends they could ask me for my assistance”, said Cyrus.

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He added: “The thing I enjoy most about taking care of animals is that I am helping the furry friends to have a nice, happy and clean environment to live in.

“People should use my services as I can help out when you are away on holiday having a good time with your family.

Cyrus Oliver, 13, with guinea pigs Milky and Fluffy.
Cyrus Oliver, 13, with guinea pigs Milky and Fluffy.

“I offer many services to take care of your home such as cleaning small pet litter, getting you simple bits of shopping for when you get back and turn on and off your lights.”

Cyrus’s parents are “very proud” of their son starting up the business.

His mother Laila said: “His dad and I are really proud of Cryus and are fully supportive of him wanting to earn his own money in this way and be independent.

“Everyone has to start somewhere and it will be a really good boost to his self esteem and confidence too. It’s been great to see him use his own initiative!

“He’s asked us to help by one of us always being with him so that people feel more confident due to his age.

“We thought this was really mature and insightful, as well as being solution focussed!”

Cyrus has already had his first booking to look after two cats which he is “really pleased” about.

To find out more about Newton’s Place Home and Small Pet Services, go to https://www.facebook.com/newtonsplaceservices.

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