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Bythams pupils hosts World War One history day

A village school transformed their playing field into No Man’s Land as part of a Remembrance Day project.

Pupils at Bythams Primary School, Little Bytham, came dressed for battle in uniforms and camouflaged clothing for a World War One Day, earlier this month.

Pupils took on different roles including a medic and soldiers. There was a food station to provide the soldiers with vital aid if they were injured and food for them to eat.

Years 4 and 5 teacher Jessica Jack, who helped organise the day, said: “We began the day looking at the events that caused The Great War. After learning the importance of trenches and why we had trench warfare, it was time for the first battle.

“The soldiers were positioned in their trenches and had to crawl across No Man’s Land to capture the other country’s flag. This proved a very hard challenge as it was nearly impossible to make it across No Man’s Land without being tug.

“When a child had been tug they had to go to the medic’s tent to receive vital first aid.”

The pupils used what they had learnt throughout the day to write letters home.

One pupil wrote: ‘Currently in the trenches, it is raining. So every step I take my feet are swallowed by thick, damp, squelchy mud. I am going to the front line tomorrow and I am dreading the endless ringing in my ears which will follow.’

They also learnt about what the soldiers wore and ate.

Jessica added: “We all made trench stew over a fire using typical ingredients they had in the trenches and ate it out of mess tins.

“We finished the day reflecting on the huge impact the war had on families.”

Nine-year-old Noah said: “It makes you think about life in the war and what all the soldiers had to go through.”

Ava, also nine, added: “Learning about the war brought a tear to my eye.”

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