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Grantham duo launches colourful hair bow venture, Daisy's & Lily's

Two friends have set up a home business making funky hair bows after discovering a passion for crafting.

Grantham mums Deanna Roberts and Laura Duncan have embarked on a journey to create unique hair bows for children, inspired by their daughters Daisy and Lily.

Daisy's & Lily's, as their business is affectionately named, has quickly gained traction within the community, offering handcrafted accessories at affordable prices.

Deanna Roberts and Laura Duncan have set up Daisy and Lily's.
Deanna Roberts and Laura Duncan have set up Daisy and Lily's.

The duo, Deanna, who recently lost her job, and Laura, who juggles business with full-time employment, joined forces to turn their hobby into a source of income.

Both 28, their journey began in November with the idea of making bows for their own children.

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“I’d bought a starter kit of pre-made stuff from Amazon in October so I could make some bows for my little girls,” said Laura. “But I really, really enjoyed doing it and it just sort of spiralled from there.”

“We were making them for our kids,” said Deanna, “But then we just had interest in them and decided to make it a thing.”

As interest grew, they realised the potential to expand their creations beyond their households.

Operating through their Etsy shop and Facebook page, Daisy's & Lily's offers a range of crafted hair accessories with the duo talking about moving into doing hair bobbles as well.

From classic designs to whimsical creations, each bow is made with care and attention to detail, reflecting the duo's dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Despite initial challenges, the business has seen promising growth with recent successes at local events.

Participating in craft fairs like those at Grantham Museum and Grantham Football Club has garnered positive feedback and support from customers.

“People seem to just love them,” said Deanna. “We had quite a lot of people walking past and saying they wished they had little girls or asking if they’re too old to wear them - but we've always said it doesn't matter how old you are. If you want to wear them, wear them.”

“People have been really, really positive and we’ve just really enjoyed ourselves and wanted to carry on,” said Laura.

Deanna and Laura discuss the detailed process of crafting each bow.

From hand-cutting fabric to selecting complementary colours and designs, every piece undergoes a meticulous process to ensure its uniqueness and charm.

Looking ahead, the entrepreneurial pair aims to further expand their business, exploring opportunities to participate in more markets and events.

They've teased new designs are in the works.

Deanna's favourite designs include a cream piece and bumblebee themed bows, Laura said her favourite is one that is, as yet, unreleased.

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