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Over 20% of Greater Lincolnshire election candidates not locally based

Just over 20% of the 76 Greater Lincolnshire’s candidates standing in July’s general election do not have registered addresses inside the county.

A Member of Parliament is elected by the people to represent a local area and be the voice of a community within government — championing local people and fighting for local causes.

However, a trend has emerged in not just this general election, but others beforehand, with candidates being ‘parachuted’ into seats rather than a local person being selected for a big political party.

From left, John Hayes, Victoria Atkins and Gareth Davies.
From left, John Hayes, Victoria Atkins and Gareth Davies.

It is an issue that has garnered national attention in recent days, following the controversy of Conservative Party chairman Richard Holden, who was accused of ‘parachuting’ himself into a safer seat than the North West Durham constituency.

His choice to stand in Basildon & Billericay, some 300 miles from North West Durham, was criticised by local party officials in Essex, as well as opposition candidates for the seat, but it appears the problem is more systemic than just this isolated case.

In Greater Lincolnshire, for example, almost half of the candidates across all eleven available seats have registered addresses from outside the constituency they are standing in — as per the official statement of persons nominated documents.

Of the 75 candidates fighting for these eleven seats, just 44 have listed addresses in their relevant constituency, and 16 of them are not even based in Greater Lincolnshire.

The worst culprits for this practice are the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats — each standing just four local candidates out of eleven in the region — compared to the eight fielded by the Conservatives, the seven standing for Reform and five for the Green Party.

For the Lincoln seat, five of the nine candidates have addresses within the constituency boundaries, with Conservative Karl McCartney listed in Gainsborough along with Social Democratic candidate Craig Marshall, while Reform’s Jamie-Lee McMillan is based in Sleaford & North Hykeham, and independent candidate Laura Ashby is situated in Wragby — found in the Louth & Horncastle constituency.

Over in Sleaford & North Hykeham, though, the lack of locality is a real issue. Of the six candidates for this seat, just one (Robert Oates of Lincolnshire Independents) is based inside the boundary; with Conservatives, Reform and the Greens fielding candidates from elsewhere in Lincolnshire, and Labour and the Liberal Democrats opting for people from London and Portsmouth respectively.

The Lincolnshire constituency with the most local representation is Grantham & Bourne, where six of the eight candidates registered addresses within Grantham & Bourne. Labour’s candidate for this seat is listed from Leicester, and the Liberal Democrat candidate is from Berkshire.

It is hardly a new phenomenon, also. In 2015, Victoria Atkins was brought into the Louth & Horncastle constituency — a safe Conservative seat since the 1920s — after failed bids in Tonbridge & Malling and previously for the role of Gloucestershire Police & Crime Commissioner.

The same can also be said of former Grantham & Stamford MP Gareth Davies, who is the Conservative candidate for the new Grantham & Bourne constituency this time around.

The Leeds-born politician was brought into Lincolnshire to replace Nick Boles, who went independent in 2019, having previously finished 2nd for the Doncaster Central seat in 2010, and Leeds Central in 2017.

Indeed, this even pre-dates the 21st century, with South Holland & The Deepings’ MP since 1997, Sir John Hayes, who was born in London, twice standing for the Derbyshire North East seat (1987 and 1992), before earning his Lincolnshire-based seat at the 1997 general election.

Below is a breakdown of each constituency in Greater Lincolnshire, and the registered address locations of each candidate, to reflect the frequency of local candidates for local seats at this general election.


Karl McCartney (Conservative) — address in Gainsborough constituency

Hamish Falconer (Labour) — address in Lincoln Borough constituency

Clare Smalley (Liberal Democrat) — address in Lincoln

Sally Anne Horscroft (Green) — address in Lincoln Borough constituency

Jamie-Lee McMillan (Reform UK) — address in Sleaford & North Hykeham constituency

Linda Richardson (Workers Party) — address in Lincoln

Charles Shaw (The Liberal Party) — address in Lincoln

Craig Marshall (Social Democratic Party) — address in Gainsborough constituency

Laura Ashby (Independent) — address in Louth & Horncastle constituency

Sleaford & North Hykeham

Caroline Johnson (Conservative) — address in South Kesteven constituency

Hanif Khan (Labour) — address in London

Matthew Winnington (Liberal Democrat) — address in Portsmouth

Martin Blake (Green) — address in Spalding

Ben Jackson (Reform UK) — address in Gainsborough

Robert Oates (Lincolnshire Independents) — address in Sleaford & North Hykeham constituency

Boston & Skegness

Matt Warman (Conservative) — address in East Lindsey

Alexandra Fawbert (Labour) — address in Chesterfield

Richard Lloyd (Liberal Democrat) — address in Aylesbury

Chris Moore (Green) — address in Boston & Skegness

Richard Tice (Reform UK) — address in Vauxhall, London

David Dickason (English Democrat) — address in Boston & Skegness

Mike Gilbert (Blue Revolution. For People, Not Parties.) — address in Boston


Sir Edward Leigh (Conservative) — address in Gainsborough constituency

Jess McGuire (Labour) — address in Lincoln

Lesley Rollings (Liberal Democrat) — address in Gainsborough constituency

Vanessa Smith (Green) — address in South Kesteven

Pat O’Connor (Reform UK) — address in Gainsborough

Tim Mellors (Social Democratic Party) — address in Gainsborough constituency

Louth & Horncastle

Victoria Atkins (Conservative) — address in Louth & Horncastle constituency

Jonathan Slater (Labour) — address in Newark

Ross Pepper (Liberal Democrat) — address in Lincoln

Robert Watson (Green) — address in Mablethorpe

Sean Matthews (Reform UK) — address in Horncastle

Marcus Moorhouse (Social Democratic Party) — address in Boston & Skegness

Iconic Arty-Pole (Monster Raving Loony Party) — address in Louth

Paul Hugill (Independent) — address in Louth

Grantham & Bourne

Gareth Davies (Conservative) — address in Grantham & Bourne constituency

Vipul Bechar (Labour) — address in Leicester West constituency

John Vincent (Liberal Democrat) — address in Newbury, Berkshire

Anne Gayfer (Green) — address in Grantham & Bourne constituency

Mike Rudkin (Reform UK) — address in Grantham & Bourne constituency

Alexander Mitchell (Social Democratic Party) — address in Grantham & Bourne

Charmaine Morgan (Lincolnshire Independents) — address in Grantham

Ian Selby (Independent) — address in Grantham

Rutland & Stamford

Alicia Kearns (Conservative) — address in Rutland & Stamford constituency

Joe Wood (Labour) — address in North West Leicestershire

James Moore (Liberal Democrat) — address in Oakham

Emma Baker (Green) — address in Rutland & Stamford constituency

Chris Clowes (Reform UK) — address in Harborough, Oadby and Wigston constituency

Joanna Burrows (Rejoin EU) — address in Rutland & Stamford constituency

South Holland & The Deepings

Sir John Hayes (Conservative) — address in Spalding

Paul Hilliar (Labour) — address in Hornsey and Friern Barnet constituency (London)

Jack Braginton (Liberal Democrat) — address in South Holland & The Deepings constituency

Rhys Baker (Green) — address in South Kesteven

Matt Swainson (Reform UK) — address in South Holland & The Deepings constituency

Mark le Sage (Independent) — address in Spalding

Great Grimsby & Cleethorpes

Lia Nici (Conservative) — address in North East Lincolnshire

Melanie Onn (Labour) — address in Great Grimsby & Cleethorpes constituency

John Lawson (Liberal Democrat) — address in Batley & Spen, near Leeds

Ed Fraser (Green) — address in Bristol Central

Oliver Freeston (Reform UK) — address in Cleethorpes

Christopher Stephenson (Social Democratic Party) — address in East Lindsey

Mark Gee (Trade Union & Socialist Coalition) — address in Cleethorpes


Holly Mumby-Croft (Conservative) — address in North Lincolnshire

Sir Nic Dakin (Labour) — address in Scunthorpe

Cahal Burke (Liberal Democrat) — address in Colne Valley, Pennine Hills

Nick Cox (Green) — address in Blaby district, Leicestershire

Darren Haley (Reform UK) — address in Scunthorpe

Scott Curtis (Heritage Party) — address in Scunthorpe

Dr Abdul Butt (Independent) — address in Scunthorpe constituency

Brigg & Immingham

Martin Vickers (Conservative) — address in North East Lincolnshire

Najmul Hussain (Labour) — address in North Lincolnshire

Eleanor Rylance (Liberal Democrat) — address in East Devon district

Amie Watson (Green) — address in Brigg & Immingham constituency

Paul Ladlow (Reform UK) — address in Brigg & Immingham constituency

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