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Smith’s Smokery has had a stall on Grantham’s Farmers Market since it began around twenty years ago

A smoked fish stall has been in the same family for generations.

Smith’s Smokery has had a stall on Grantham’s Farmers Market since it began around twenty years ago.

The stall is being featured as part of an ongoing Journal campaign to support Grantham Market.

Simon Huggins on Grantham Market.
Simon Huggins on Grantham Market.

Simon Huggins, of Smith’s Smokery, is in town every second Saturday of the month for the market, selling a range of smoked fish and eels.

He explained that the business has been in his family for generations and that he grew up around eel fishing and smoking.

Simon said: “It all started off with eel fishing, that was the main thing. Then the eel fishing declined slightly so they opened up a smokehouse.

“It’s been passed down through the generations. We smoke everything. It’s all cured and smoked ourselves with the oak sawdust, chippings and logs. We only use oak.”

When asked what his favourite part of being on the market was, Simon responded: “I feel I’m a bit of a people person.

“Obviously, people love our products and you get your regulars. We’ve built up a massive customer base and they do come month in, month out.

“They’re very loyal in Grantham I must admit, come rain or shine they’ll turn out. I love interacting with people, that’s what I’m all about!”

Simon’s brother-in-law and father-in-law still fish for eels on the Fens near Friskney, around six miles from Skegness, where the business is based.

Simon added: “It’s all family basically, so it’s great.”

When asked for his thoughts on Grantham Market, Simon said: “I think there’s been a massive decline.

“When you look back 20 years ago, the market in general used to be on both sides of the street top to bottom. It was one of the best markets around.”

However, Simon said that sales on Grantham’s monthly Farmers Market are “better than they ever have been”.

In terms of improvements for the town’s market, Simon compared Grantham to Ruddington’s market, noting its “amazing” social media presence.

He said: “They post about the stalls, who’s going to be there next month and they just keep putting that on. They’re all over that and it works. There must be 80 stalls every month and it’s just a village green. They’re all volunteers as well, local people, who want it to be successful and busy, and it is working.”

Smith’s Smokery also has a stall in Stamford every Friday, Ruddington on the first Saturday of the month, Lincoln on the third and Brigg (near Caistor) on the fourth.

You can find Simon in Grantham every second Saturday of the month.

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