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Neighbours' anger at overflowing bins on Grantham street

Neighbours living on New Street, Grantham, say their lives have been made a misery since a communal holding area for bins was built directly outside their homes.

Since being installed by the council three years ago, residents complain that the bin area, which they have dubbed ‘the pig pen’ has become overrun with overflowing bins, rubbish strewn on the floor and fly tipping.

Sandra Jacklin, 74, has lived on the street for 11 years. Her ground floor flat faces directly on to the bin area.

She said: “The rubbish is collected fortnightly but all the bins are full after a week, which means rubbish bags are either piled up high with lids left open or scattered across the floor. Any bags that are placed outside the bin are often not taken away by the refuse collectors.”

Mr Foreman, who has lived on the street for 16 years and lives a few doors down from Sandra, added: “After the council took the silver bins away, we were told to put all of our rubbish into the black bin and the recycling would get sorted out elsewhere.

Residents are angry at the state of the bin area on New Street. (2619598)
Residents are angry at the state of the bin area on New Street. (2619598)

“As the bins are collected fortnightly, the rubbish builds up and it causes a real pong in the summer months.”

Residents also believe that the area attracts fly tipping from people living elsewhere.

Sandra, who used to work as a housing officer, added: “I contacted the council to inform them that yet another sofa, mattress and various furniture items had been left in the bin area, and they said that it would cost to remove each item. I understand that some of the fly tipping for example, the sofas, must come from residents living on the street, but it is not my responsibility.”

Sandra is also upset at the size of the bin area.

She added: “Children used to love playing on the grass but now they can’t as it’s not safe for them. The bins only take up half of the area now. It is the first thing I see when I open my curtains in the morning. I can’t get away from it as it dominates the entire area and I can see it from all of my windows.”

At the time of going to press, SKDC had already been to clear the bin area of its rubbish and furniture.

SKDC’S cabinet member for housing, Coun Nick Neilson, said: “A holding area for bins had been provided in response to complaints about bags of rubbish being strewn all over the area.

“We contacted all the residents, asking them to dispose of their waste in the correct bins. Unfortunately the problems persisted, so we removed the silver bins to prevent repeated contamination with non-recyclable household waste.

Residents are angry at the state of the bin area on New Street. (2619600)
Residents are angry at the state of the bin area on New Street. (2619600)

“There are sufficient black bins for the residents and those who want to recycle can do so by using clear recycling bags issued by the council.”

Coun Neilson said the council would again take steps to tidy the area and pay regular visits to monitor the situation.

“Our operatives will remove bins which are presented in the correct way but we will not be removing loose waste or furniture items.”

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