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Owner of Grantham swingers’ club finds it ‘disheartening’ lease in former Eden Wine Bar is ‘brought to an end’

The owner of a swingers’ club says it has been “disheartening” after its lease at a town centre pub was “brought to an end”.

In a notice dated August 22, it said the lease for the d2s club - based in the former Eden Wine Bar in Market Place - was “forfeited” and the “premises have been secured”.

This meant Lindpet Investments Limited, landlords of the building, had ended the lease with Matthew Cole, owner of the d2s club.

Matthew Cole, owner of the d2s club (left) and and Kerry Voellner at a licensing committee meeting in July.
Matthew Cole, owner of the d2s club (left) and and Kerry Voellner at a licensing committee meeting in July.

Mr Cole told the Journal he feels he is “letting down a lot of people out there” because of the closure.

He added: “I can imagine many members of the public and anyone who doesn't realise we are in the year 2023 and those who don't believe in equality and diversity would be rather pleased about it but myself on the other hand would honestly say [I am] extremely aggrieved not from a business view point either.

“Businesses come and go, some thrive and some fail, that's just life, but this venture isn't just business for me it's about giving to a larger community a space they can be themselves completely and enjoy company from others within the same community, the same mind frame and be completely unjudged.

“I've worked within many different sectors over the years and I've been that person that's been looked down upon because I dare to be different, dare to act different or say different and been made to feel like I'm the one with the issue.

“Well where's to say they are right or I'm right in society?

“There isn't, so why can't I offer a safe place for those who are like me somewhere they dare to be different and not be judged for it.

“There are over 40 plus LGBT alternative lifestyle clubs in the UK, why shouldn't Grantham have one?

“It feels disheartening not to be able to run the club.

The former Eden Wine Bar, in Market Place, Grantham.
The former Eden Wine Bar, in Market Place, Grantham.

“I get contacted every day asking if I’m opening for them to attend and I feel terrible when I have to say unfortunately no as time and effort and money has gone into that property to make it a space that they are willing to attend.

“It was in poor condition when we took over. Only the ground floor was fit for use at a push.

“All floors were redecorated, every room and new washroom facilities were put in, flooring was redone and it took a while just to generally clean areas.

“We were very fortunate enough that we had help from many people who wanted the club to be a success just as much as us and even more fortunate that the majority have become very good friends indeed and I will take that as the best positive from all of this.

“A person in particular was going through a particularly hard time and helping with the club gave them a purpose and a new routine in life such as so they are back working full time, exploring new friendships and grabbing life with both hands and has thanked us for this.

“I mean if we can make a difference in one person's life every day then that is a day worth opening up for and inspires me to do so.”

Peter Burrows, director of Lindpet Investments Limited, confirmed the lease had been brought to an end.

Mr Burrows said: “The reasons are because the tenants didn’t comply with a number of conditions.”

In response to this, Mr Cole said that his “business plan stated the use we needed it [the club] for.”

Mr Cole said he “most definitely” plans to open a club somewhere else.

He added: “We will of course stay as local as we can because we know just how many people want us to.

“We won't give up not just for ourselves, but for the community that still believes in us.”

In July of this year, Mr Cole appeared at a South Kesteven District Council licensing committee meeting with Kerry Voellner over objections raised by police of an event for swingers called the ‘Swingathon’.

The event was granted the temporary events notice (TEN) it needed and it went ahead on July 20 as planned.

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