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There has been a positive feel around Grantham and the district since the election of 2023, says Grantham independent councillor

So here we are approaching nearly a year of being an elected councillor, there has been a lot going on over the past year, writes Councillor Elvis Stooke, of the Grantham Independents.

One thing that has been certainly noticeable is a positive feel around Grantham and the District since the election of 2023. On a personal note, from myself I have found the first year as a Councillor as somewhat tough but very interesting, especially in my position as vice chair in licensing where I may have not quite made the right decision on a certain matter but instead of hiding away from this I stuck my hand up and admitted I got it wrong.

I believe this needs to happen more in our local politics, that when we get something wrong we stand up to our residents to admit we did get it wrong and work with them to put it right which I have done on this matter with our taxi drivers.

Councillor Elvis Stooke.
Councillor Elvis Stooke.

Also, one thing I have noticed in my first year as a Councillor is how the opposition will try and pull you down by calling us the rainbow alliance and the far left which I somewhat think if that's all they can come back with then we are definitely doing something right.

We now look at the A1 rubbish which has been mentioned on many occasions during council meetings. I want to make it very clear that I do not disagree that there is rubbish on the A1 because there clearly is an issue with rubbish on the A1. but I cannot justify £60,000 of Council Tax money to be used when there is no solution being put on the table going forward, meaning how do we stop the rubbish piling back up after the first clean.

So, to finish off on a positive note I would like to reassure residents in my Belmont ward that we are keeping on top of the motorbike issues and we are dealing with the dog fouling issues which I am pleased to say has calmed down somewhat. I will endeavour to keep working hard for my residents of the Belmont Ward as well as the Grantham residents and the district, so here is to my second year going forward out of my four-year term.

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