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RUGBY: Kesteven under-15s enjoy season finale at Woodnook

Weekend rugby union preview.
Weekend rugby union preview.


Kesteven 24

Mansfield 21

Kesteven started well and despatched Archer with an early break that sent a clear message to Mansfield that said the Black Army were in determined form.

Ks went in front when Kwasau took the ball from a line-out, passed to Fuller, and it flowed from a run from Taylor then to Brighten, Cox, Edwards, and lastly to Bartlett who placed down the first try of the morning. Edwards kicked comfortably for the conversion.

Mansfield came back from half time with a clear mission and organised their backs into action, whilst Kesteven resumed with only 14 men until the first scrum, before welcoming ‘Beethoven’ on to the pitch for his Black Army debut.

After a particularly tough and evenly-matched onslaught, Mansfield took advantage of a failed Kesteven attempt to protect a loose ball and scored their first try.

Parr’s positioning was impeccable and he ensured the safe return of the ball at the end of his break. Half back Archer received it with gratitude and proceeded to dodge and weave 30m through the Mansfield pack to score, taking Kesteven back into the lead.

Lock Taylor then demonstrated how to use sheer size and determination, without altering his direct course, to part the Mansfield defence and score the next try.

Cox set up Kesteven’s possession with yet another steal, and then Bartlett pushed through to score his second try.

Mansfield’s running game returned in the latter stages of the match, which allowed them to score two tries.

Kesteven: Archer, Bartlett, Brenton, Brewiss, Brighten, B. Cole, J. Cole, Cox, Edwards, Fuller, Hodgson, Hughes, Kwasau, Moth, Palin, Parr, Salam, Tapson, Taylor (c), ‘Beethoven’.

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