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Priest-in-charge at All Saints Church Holbeach praises Lincolnshire Police for response to vicarage burglary

Burglars crowbarred their way into a vicarage to steal a car as the priest slept upstairs.

The Rev Sherine Angus, priest-in-charge at All Saints Church in Holbeach, was woken by the sound of her dog barking after burglars had raided her home.

Holbeach has recently seen a spike in burglaries and South Holland Police have promised to increase patrols in a bid to crack down on the problem.

All Saints' Church in Holbeach
All Saints' Church in Holbeach

The Rev Angus has praised Lincolnshire Police for their response to the incident at about 2am on June 4 which saw her purse and car stolen and her television smashed.

She said: “They broke the locks in the window using a crowbar and managed to get in the living room and caused damage.

“They took my purse, house keys, car and smashed the television.

“The police have been absolutely amazing and had a detective here straight away.”

This latest burglary follows an increase in the town with ten happening in the month between the beginning of May and June 4 compared with nine burglaries reported in the town for the beginning of the year, between January and April.

The Rev Angus said: “Regarding the increase in thefts I think just everywhere people are struggling with the cost of living.

“I am not saying that is an excuse for their behaviour.”

She has also highlighted issues with vandalism in the historic church recently..

She said: “I think there are a lot of people who are vulnerable particularly with drug use and addiction.

“The police have been incredible.”

Holbeach Parish Council is urging people to ensure their homes and outbuildings are locked following the rise in thefts.

A spokesman said: “The police are aware and we hope that there will be more police patrolling the areas, especially in the early hours.”

Insp Matt Dickinson
Insp Matt Dickinson

South Holland Police Insp Matt Dickinson said his team will be taking action in Holbeach in a bid to clamp down on the problems.

He said: “We are increasing patrols over the coming weeks and working behind the scenes with a variety of different departments to gather intelligence on those who may be responsible.

“My team will also look at any preventative measures too.

“Whilst there are some potential investigative leads, the burglaries remain active investigations so we couldn’t disclose anything further at this time.”

Officers have previously issued guidance on how to protect your property and belongings.

This includes:

• Professionally fitted anti-snap lock.

• Log your valuables and record serial numbers

• Becoming part of your local Neighbourhood Watch

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