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Bag full of biscuits and sets of false teeth amongst lost items at East Midlands Airport

After over 4,000 lost items were handed into an airport last year, of the ones left behind were some interesting finds.

Amongst the items handed in or left at East Midlands Airport in 2023, only around 1,000 were reported by customers as lost.

The airport saw a wide variety of items left behind, whether that be ones of sentimental value or everyday use.

Over 4,000 items were left behind at East Midlands Airport in 2023. credit: istock/spooh
Over 4,000 items were left behind at East Midlands Airport in 2023. credit: istock/spooh

The items either lost or left behind included:

• A suitcase full of digestives and ginger nuts

• A pendant containing someone’s ashes

• A bag full of salami

• Walking sticks and false teeth

• Drills

• A guitar

• A snooker cue

• Snow globes

• A steering wheel

• A bike

• Children’s toys

• Phones

• Tablets

• Earphones

• Hair straighteners

• Keys

• Passports

• Wallets with cash and credit cards in

• Clothing

When an item is left behind, an airport will hold them for a certain amount of days.

Items of low value, such as jumpers, are held for 30 days, while those of lower value like electrical goods are held for up to 90 days.

If they remain unclaimed, they are donated to charities.

The airport will deal with a lost item if it is found on the airport site including car parks, check-in halls and departure lounges.

They are then logged onto a computer system and locked away securely.

If an item is lost in baggage claim or on board an aircraft, it is dealt with by the baggage handling company and the airline.

Mike Grimes, EMA’s director for customer services and planning, said: “When people come to the airport, we understand some may be anxious or not concentrating and this can often mean they mislay, forget or leave behind a surprising and wide range of items.

“My advice would be to be prepared, take care and when going through security, place different things like coats and electrical items in separate trays.

“There’s plenty of information available at the airport and on our website about security procedures and what can and can’t be taken through.

“We also offer Try Before You Fly sessions for first-time or nervous flyers which hopefully will help to reduce the chances of losing items while travelling through EMA.”

Have you lost anything in an airport? Let us know in the comments.

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