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Sutton Bridge councillor calls for action to tackle rat run before someone is killed

A call for action has been made before ‘somebody gets killed’ on a village’s roads that have become a ‘rat run’ for traffic.

Sutton Bridge councillor Ray Perkins has raised concerns about Bridge Road after two collisions happened in that area on the same day. The first between Little Sutton and Sutton Bridge and the second outside the Greyhound pub in Sutton Bridge.

Coun Perkins has highlighted some of the issues in Sutton Bridge faced by drivers and pedestrians such as access for emergency services and near misses – but has suggested that cameras are introduced.

A heavy goods vehicle on Bridge Road. PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS
A heavy goods vehicle on Bridge Road. PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS

He said: “People have been run over and cars totally written off or lost wing mirrors. It needs something to be done about it before somebody actually gets killed.”

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“It is a complete rat run through here as they are speeding from Long Sutton. It is a national speed limit, then 40mph then 30mph.”

Map showing the A17 from Long Sutton to Sutton Bridge. PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS
Map showing the A17 from Long Sutton to Sutton Bridge. PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS

Coun Perkins has called for a member of the Highways department at Lincolnshire County Council to come to Sutton Bridge to see the area and speak to villagers.

He said: “It wants somebody to come down and work it out. The Highways department should come down and have a look and meet the residents to ask their opinions about it.

“There's been quite a few accidents on Bridge Road - one or two cars were written off that are parked.

“The volume of the traffic coming through the bridge has increased - drivers use it as a bypass and we can't always get emergency services down here. Residents can't get out to use doctors. It's been going on for years.”

Lincolnshire Police has confirmed that details and circumstances of the second collision would form part of an investigation.

Coun Perkins said: “If somebody gets killed there's nobody making changes then.

“I'd rather prevent it now before it happens.

“I would never forgive myself if a child got killed.

“We need a proper speed camera.”

Coun Perkins stated that when the bridge is closed it can have an adverse affect on traffic coming through the village – including more lorries looking for an alternative routes.

He said: “When the bridge is shut is snarls up the village.

The island heading past the chip shop on the way to the Curlew Centre - that is totally demolished.

“If anyone was standing there - a child - they haven't got a prayer.”

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership says it will continue to call on motorists to drive with care through Sutton Bridge.

Simon Outen-Coe from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership said:” In relation to the two recent road traffic collisions, both remain under investigation, but the second in Sutton Bridge does not appear to be speed related at this time.

“There is nothing that connects the two road traffic collisions at all in how they occurred.

“I have looked at the history of collisions in the area that we have recorded and mainly they do not support any conclusion that they are speed related.

“There are also a couple of mobile speed enforcement sites in the locality which are regularly attended, with a number of enforcement visits carried out in January 2024.

“This activity will continue in the area and we would continue to promote the need for local drivers to drive with care, regardless of their familiarity with the area so that they are prepared to respond to any unforeseen circumstances, such as the emergence of wildlife into the carriageway.”

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire County Council said: “We continue to openly welcome any suggestions on how to improve local traffic issues.

“Residents and businesses tend to know their area better than most and we value that information very highly.

“If they have any ideas to help resolves issues then the best way to address them is to go to the local county councillor who can bring those ideas to us for assessment and scrutiny.

“This has resulted in many speed limits being changed across the county already and is a proven route for effective measures, where applicable.”

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