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‘Carnage! Chaos! Nightmare!’ Readers have their say on plans eight-week road closure as part of Pinchbeck roundabout works

News that a road is set to close for eight weeks to enable roundabout works to continue has been viewed as a a dead end decision.

The B1180 leg of the Greencell roundabout, which connects the A16 with Pinchbeck’s industrial area, will shut from July 15, Lincolnshire County Council have announced.

The roundabout is currently undergoing a 10-month makeover as part of a £20 million Levelling Up project.

The Greencell roundabout at Pinchbeck. Photo: LCC
The Greencell roundabout at Pinchbeck. Photo: LCC

However, the news has not been welcomed by readers, many of whom fear the roads will be ‘chaos’ over the summer months.

Nicky Taylor-Avon suggested closing the road will be ‘absolute carnage for industry and residents’

“Going to be a nightmare especially when I leave work,” Linds Harker added.

Julie Lunn fears the roads through Pinchbeck and Surfleet ‘will be a nightmare’ as traffic, including many HGVs, look for an alternative route.

“Brilliant, so just getting to Morrisons from Surfleet is going to be a nightmare,” Beckii Mallett added.

Some readers also fear the timing of the works will cause an additional problem.

“In the summer holidays as well, when more traffic will be using it,” Tom John Hardy said.

Karen Tidwell agreed, saying: “Always happens during summer hols, roads are going to be gridlocked.”

Fears were also raised about how the closure would affect business in an area where a supermarket, factories, garages and a gym all operate.

“With the haulage infrastructure on our estate it will cause so many late deliveries/collections which in turn causes rejections from supermarkets,” said Clare Booth.

“Which in turn is charged to the haulier. Drivers will be running out of time if their day is made longer by these delays.

“Whoever has planned this surely has no idea the scale of disruption this is going to cause.”

Others argued the roundabout didn’t need to be widened.

“What the hell is wrong with the present roundabout?” asked June Smith.

“It works perfectly well. Pity they don't spend the money on the road maintenance, the roads and the footpaths are a disgrace.”

Readers raised concerns about when work would be carried out on these 24/7 closures.

“That will be chaos. Why not do it over night?” asked Steve Thomas, while Eldur Saudadalsa quipped ‘I trust they’ll be working on it 24/7?’.

Stephen Timewell suggested the closure was ‘planned by desk staff in Lincoln with zero consideration for Spalding and totally out of touch with what is chaos on a normal day, without the roadworks’.

Julie Hiller said there was ‘absolutely no consideration for community carers, emergency services etc’.

“Perhaps the county council can offer carers payment for travel time?” she said.

“(I) have already spent precious amounts of time at the numerous temporary traffic lights that keep springing up everywhere.”

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