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South Holland District Council says it will work with police over latest bout of graffiti

Council officials say they will work closely with police to resolve the latest wave of graffiti which has hit the town.

Vandals have sprayed tags on properties in Spalding town centre with the former Calthrops building in Hall Place being attacked along with the damaged White Horse in Churchgate. The Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian office in Francis Street was tagged for a second time.

This website asked if there had been CCTV footage of the latest bout of graffiti but did not get a response – a police spokesman could not find reports of the incident when we approached.

Fresh graffiti tags have been sprayed onto The White Horse in Spalding over the Easter weekend
Fresh graffiti tags have been sprayed onto The White Horse in Spalding over the Easter weekend

South Holland District Council says its community warden has been contacting businesses to ask them to remove the graffiti along with a promise to work with the police to ‘address this issue effectively.’

Deputy leader of the district council, Coun Gary Taylor, put out an appeal at last week’s Spalding Town Forum meeting for information on the culprit but also called on businesses to play their part in tidying up the town.

A spokesperson from South Holland District Council said: "We are attentive to recent reports of new graffiti appearing within our community over the past week.

“In response, our dedicated Community Warden has promptly engaged with relevant businesses today to address this matter.

“Moving forward, our Community Warden will maintain close collaboration with Lincolnshire Police to assess available evidence, including CCTV footage, in order to address this issue effectively."

This latest incident has prompted some concerns about the town’s CCTV coverage among our readers.

New high-tech CCTV cameras were installed at 18 key spots in the town in 2022 as part of a £400,000 project to deter crime in Spalding, Skegness and Boston.

Rodney Sadd posted on our Facebook page: “If the authorities have spent £400,000 on the CCTV system, then utilise it to its full potential, but does the full system even work?

“Is it monitored 24-7 ?

“And what are the response times from incidents if they are caught on CCTV?”

Darren Pickering questioned where the CCTV footage was after it was installed ‘under the promise of cutting crime’.

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