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Eleanor is Peppa’s biggest fan

A little girl from Cowbit has been named Britain’s biggest Peppa Pig super-fan on the hit TV show, This Morning, presented by Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

Mum Zoe Warren shot a video of her daughter, Eleanor Day (9), and it was an instant hit with the show and viewers.

Zoe said: “It was basically Eleanor watching Peppa Pig on her iPad and getting very excited and doing impressions of all the characters.”

Eleanor is severely autistic and has global development delay. She didn’t speak until she was four-years-old but related to the cartoon character Peppa when she was tiny.

“Since she was about six months old, Eleanor used to sit in her little seat popping up and down to Peppa Pig,” said Zoe. “It was the only thing that used to keep her calm and also get her excited.”

Being Britain’s number one Peppa Pig fan will see Eleanor receiving a selection of treats from Philip and Holly, but she’s already received the biggest gift of all – a personal message recorded by Peppa Pig voice artist Harley Bird.

Eleanor Day (9) - Eleanor was named as Britain's biggest Peppa Pig Fan on This Morning. (1912001)
Eleanor Day (9) - Eleanor was named as Britain's biggest Peppa Pig Fan on This Morning. (1912001)

“She thought it was absolutely wonderful and strange that her name was being used by Peppa,” said Zoe. “She was absolutely beaming.”

Eleanor attends the Willoughby School, Bourne, which caters for children with moderate to profound learning needs.

Zoe says Eleanor is likely to attend the school until she’s 19.

The school includes Peppa Pig themes in lessons to help Eleanor with her studies.

Zoe says Eleanor struggles with communication, but she can make sentences of four to five words and she does have a star turn.

“If you give her a book to read, she can read the words from memory,” said Zoe. “She’s ever such a clever girl that way and she’s very, very happy.”

* Created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker, Peppa Pig has been on our TV screens since 2004.

The cartoon series is loved by children everywhere and includes a royal fan, Prince George (4).

Zoe said This Morning did a massive feature on Peppa Pig because a whole new section is being opened up at Peppa Pig World, an amusement park based at Paultons Park, near Romsey in Hampshire.

She said: “This Morning put an appeal on their Facebook page for Britain’s biggest Peppa Pig fan, saying ‘can you send us details’ and I did that.”

Peppa Pig is shown in countries all over the world and is pitched towards pre-school children.

Stories focus on the adventures of Peppa, her family and friends.

Currently the show is being broadcast by Channel 5 in early morning slots but check your TV guide for times.

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