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Crowland councillors call for action on the A16 amid concerns over safety of the stretch between town and Peterborough

Action needs to happen on a major road to help reduce the risks of accidents, say concerned councillors.

People living in the Crowland area want to see improvements taken on the A16 between Peterborough and the town in order to prevent more accidents after two people were killed near Newborough.

Calls have been made to extend the average speed cameras between Crowland and Peterborough — and for double white lines to discourage drivers from overtaking — on the road, which many people feel should have been a dual carriageway when it was built over a decade ago.

The A16 between Crowland and Peterborough has been flagged as a concern. Photo: Google Maps
The A16 between Crowland and Peterborough has been flagged as a concern. Photo: Google Maps

Coun Angie Harrison, who represents the town on South Holland District Council, has put forward a suggestion to prevent drivers ‘running the gauntlet’.

She said: “Although many believe this road should have been a dual carriageway, an overtaking lane when exiting the roundabouts, would give drivers the opportunity to pass slow moving vehicles early on, and help prevent dangerous overtaking manoeuvres further along the carriageway.

“The junction where the A1166 crosses the A16 is particularly dangerous and should always have been a roundabout; although traffic lights would also work well and be a safer option than the staggered crossroads that we currently have. Tractors with trailers and HGVs crossing the A16 at this junction, overhang the carriageway, and with their lights being front and rear, they become invisible in fog or misty conditions.

“Drivers face ‘running the gauntlet’ to get from one side to the other safely, with vehicles entering the junction from all directions.”

The potholes which run along the A16 between Crowland and Spalding – a major route for the county’s lorry firms – patently need attention says Coun Bryan Alcock.

Coun Alcock said: “The never ending appearance of potholes is of great concern not only because of cost implications but also by encouraging drivers to weave about in the road to avoid them. Clearly the premature failure of the surface suggests either poor workmanship or specification.

“The road is a strategic route for the district with thousands of tons of produce both coming to and leaving local industry. The poor state and limited capacity does not encourage industry to locate or remain here. I believe work is scheduled for the autumn which will not be before time.

“Crowland Parish Council had the item of a new road on its agenda for over 20 years and lobbied for the same period to stop the carnage which was constantly occurring on the old A1073. Locally everyone was grateful when the new road was announced. The PC had lobbied for all or part of it to be dual carriageway and certainly lobbied against the ‘radar corner’ and Thorney Road junctions which they felt were inherently unsafe.

“Time has proved that they were absolutely correct to have those concerns. The weight of traffic has not only damaged the road as subsidence is apparent but often time taken to get onto or across the road shows that dual carriageway, at least eliminating the two dangerous junctions, should be on the agenda to avoid potential damage to industry and danger.”

Coun Jim Astill said the biggest issue on the Spalding to Crowland stretch is the 'slalom’ of potholes and that the accidents have taken place on the Peterborough section.

He said: “Residents are calling for improvements which include double white lines on certain sections to prevent overtaking.

“I’m aware there have been a number of fatalities in recent weeks, and we have to do all that we can to prevent more. As councillors we must work across the Lincolnshire/Peterborough authority areas to make the A16 as safe as possible.”

Crowland parish councillor Rodney Sadd has he has lost friends and work colleagues on the route.

He said: “I have been saying for years, planners and developers had their chance to make the road a dual carriageway, but failed to see the long-term benefits that would have catered for an increase in volumes of car and HGV traffic that we are seeing today.

“A measure that I would like the authorities to consider, to extend the average speed system from Crowland to Peterborough, along with better signage.

“Also with more investment in bus and rail, this can take more commuter vehicles off the road once people have regained confidence in better public transport.

“At the end of the day, we can all say a particular road is dangerous, but I feel there has been a decline in driving standards over recent years. Whatever the outcome, people's safety has to come first.”

County councillor and former firefighter Nigel Pepper said: “Although ‘one fatality is one too many’ there have been very few in the Lincolnshire section compared to the Peterborough section and the majority of concerns are in the Cambridgeshire section.

“Since my campaign for average speed cameras on the A16 between Cowbit and Crowland came to fruition there has been a huge reduction in vehicle speeds and I do consider such cameras in the Cambridgeshire section would be hugely beneficial and I have emailed Peterborough’s MP – Paul Bristow with my thoughts.”

Karen Cassar, assistant director of Highways said: “Most of the road below Crowland is in Cambridgeshire and so we are unable to comment on that.

“With regard to the A16 in the area, we do have average speed cameras from James Road roundabout to the south up toward B1166, Hulls Drove/James Road to the north.

“There are a number of junction related collisions further north and these are being looked at by Lincolnshire County Council to consider if any safety improvements can be made.”

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