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Objections raised to asphalt plant as packed public meeting in Sutton Bridge sees health concerns aired

Fears over the impact on health from toxic smells and noise pollution — and the general close proximity to residents — has resulted in councillors issuing a strong objection to a proposed asphalt plant.

Franklin Bros Limited has made an application to South Holland District Council to build a semi-mobile asphalt mixing plant at Greenworld Park, Sutton Bridge.

Worried residents showed up to voice concerns about the plans at a well-attended public meeting at the Curlew Centre with Sir John Hayes — and there are a string of concerns about the site, which is next to the A17 and not far from streets such as Railway Lane North and Kenzie Drive.

Sir John Hayes held a public meeting discussing proposed asphalt plant plans in Sutton Bridge. PHOTO: MARK EVERITT
Sir John Hayes held a public meeting discussing proposed asphalt plant plans in Sutton Bridge. PHOTO: MARK EVERITT

Centre chairman Mark Everitt said: “The centre is very concerned about this proposed asphalt plant not only with the health and environmental impacts.

“We've just spent £50,000 on having solar panels and batteries installed on the centre to aid with their energy rising costs and we are concerned that the particulates given off from this plan will settle on the solar panels and basically render than useless.

“How this can even be considered so close to the village is unbelievable.”

Residents voiced their concerns about the proposals. PHOTO: MARK EVERITT
Residents voiced their concerns about the proposals. PHOTO: MARK EVERITT

Mr Everitt has offered the Curlew Centre free of charge for future meetings regarding the asphalt plant.

Resident Craig Jackson, who has campaigned against incinerators in the past, said: “This particular application for a proposed asphalt plant would be damaging to the air quality of local residents.

“I am very concerned that there is no environmental assessment with it as it could impact on the wider Wash area which is an area of special scientific interest.

Map shows location of site in Sutton Bridge. GOOGLE MAPS
Map shows location of site in Sutton Bridge. GOOGLE MAPS

“If the environment assessment is not brought forward we could take it to court to challenge it.”

We understand that the council considers the matter to have been carefully scrutinised — and that it will be handled through the full planning process.

Councillors at Sutton Bridge Parish Council meeting resolved to object on the following grounds, in the authority’s words:

Impact on Residential Amenity

Asphalt mixing plant site plan, Sutton Bridge
Asphalt mixing plant site plan, Sutton Bridge

The development within the settlement boundary is not appropriate, its proximity to residential areas and the Memorial Park would be detrimental to the health and well-being of residents and Park users.

Some of the closest residents are a population of vulnerable and elderly residents in an established retirement community.

The site is also adjacent to the Memorial Park with users of all ages - daily walkers, children and families using the play area open space.

The park is used for sport and is the home of Sutton Bridge United Football Club teams and supporters. The park is also used for village events and gatherings.

Noise nuisance

The operating hours in the application from 5am – 6pm everyday will result in significant noise and disturbance to the surrounding residential area.

Odour nuisance

The council is concerned that the odour emissions will cause a nuisance to residents.

The odour from this type of facility is likely to be unpleasant and an irritant. There was no confidence in the odour assessment report, meteorological data used was from a distance away.

Particulate matter

Emissions from the plant will be detrimental to residents and park users health, this is the only large open space within the village community for sport and leisure activities.

Breathing in the particles from the fumes released by the plant, and the dust from the loading of materials will be harmful to anyone nearby.

There was no confidence in the air quality assessment, meteorological data was from a distance away.

Visual Impact

The size and height of the proposed buildings would overshadow the area and be out of character for a rural village.

Industrial buildings of this size on the edge of the village will have a negative visual impact on the landscape and overall aesthetic of the community.

Environmental Impact

The plant would be sited directly adjacent to a tree lined footpath the Arnie Broughton Walk.

This area is a natural wildlife haven, lined with trees listed in TPO order 15a and 15b.

The noise, odour and emissions will have a detrimental impact on the local wildlife. It has been noted that the application does not have an environmental impact report.

Traffic Issues

The development will increase traffic movements on an already very busy road.

Find out about planning applications that affect you at the Public Notice Portal.

What do you think about this decision? Post your comments below.

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