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A dedicated mother from Cowbit has lost four stone after being fed up with her unhealthy habits

A dedicated mother has lost four stone after realising it was time to change after finding it difficult to tie her own shoelaces and climb the stairs.

Following an unhealthy habit of being reliant on takeaways and alcohol on a daily basis, Kate Collins, of Cowbit, joined Slimming World in January – and this change consequently has made a massive impact to her whole family.

She said: “I started noticing how unfit I felt and even walking down the stairs was becoming hard work. Putting on my own shoes and tying laces or putting on socks used to be a big issue. I was really unhappy with the way I looked and how much I was eating.

Before Kate started her weight loss journey
Before Kate started her weight loss journey

“I am only small but I was the biggest I had ever been. I received a leaflet through my door in January and decided that was a sign to start the group and make positive changes.

“In a few short months I have made some amazing changes that have made a massive difference to my whole family. My teenage children now love what I am cooking and my shopping now consists of a lot more fruit and vegetables.”

Kate is now three dress sizes smaller and took part in a fundraising walking challenge to raise money for Dementia UK – a charity close to her heart.

Kate raised money for Dementia UK by taking part in a charity walk
Kate raised money for Dementia UK by taking part in a charity walk

She added: “I am really proud of my progress so far and want to say to anyone who is struggling, if you put your mind to it, you can achieve what you want.

“One of my biggest challenges has been the changes I have made with alcohol. I used to drink everyday but I now mainly drink water.

“I used to want to stay in the house everyday and would need to sleep in the day but I am loving having more energy now.

Kate now enjoys cooking meals for her family
Kate now enjoys cooking meals for her family

“My body feels so much better for it and I have now started to enjoy walking more, including getting out with my children in the evening for a walk around the countryside. I don’t have the backache or struggle as much as before I started my journey.

“The process has also helped me realise that I actually love cooking. I have done so many diets before and never really lost weight like this.

Charlotte Baker, consultant for the Slimming World group, said: “Kate is a fantastic inspiration in the group. She has gone from being a shy person in the beginning to becoming the life and soul of the group, sharing ideas and ways to overcome hurdles for other members – we even joke that she should start up her own Slimming World cafe, as her weight losses are so amazing.”

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