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Organisers for a skydive event hope to raise £15,000 for a multiple sclerosis charity

Organisers of a charity skydive event are hoping to raise awareness and donate £15,000 to a cause close to their hearts.

The Lake Ross Caravan Park and Fishery in Spalding, will be hosting the event on Sunday, May 26, from 6pm until midnight.

Dave Samuels, 56, is hoping to raise money from the event after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 29 years ago.

Dave Samuals and Danielle Samuals
Dave Samuals and Danielle Samuals

The incurable condition affects the brain and spinal cord, due to the immune system mistakenly attacking these areas. This can cause a range of symptoms which include tiredness, vision problems and issues with walking and balance.

Dave said: “A couple of the people in the club house said how they wanted to do a skydive, we got talking and just came up with the idea of doing it in aid of the MS Trust Charity.

“It will be the first sky diving event that we have ever organised and I am hoping we can raise £15,000. I think it is definitely important to raise awareness and money for the charity because even though I am in a wheelchair and paralysed from the chest down due to MS, you wouldn't think it because I am just a normal guy.”

Owners of the Lake Ross Club House, John and his partner Sarah
Owners of the Lake Ross Club House, John and his partner Sarah

Dave is hoping to see more than 40 people watch the event and there is currently 19 people signed up for the skydive - including Dave’s wife and carer, Danielle Samuals, 41.

He added: “Luckily I can’t do it. I was not too keen on the idea but I was up for doing it if I was allowed. My wife is taking part but she is feeling very nervous about it.”

After the sky dive has taken place at Sibson Airport in Peterborough, there will be a raffle, bar, auction, bingo, live singer and burger van at the Lake Ross Caravan Park and Fishery site.

Owner, Maria Breaker
Owner, Maria Breaker

Owner of the site, Maria Breaker’s sister, Barbara Davis, 66, and daughter in laws Sarah Eves, 27, and Marie Wilson, 40, will also be taking part in the sky dive.

She said: “We’re really obliged to it and we think it’s nice that they are going to hold the event here.

“We are hoping its going to be a nice day and we’re all excited. There should be lots of people coming from London and Essex to see it as well because we used to live near there, so it should be a good day.”

The MS Trust Charity works with patients to provide information for anyone affected by multiple sclerosis and fund for practical research and campaigning for the different services.

If you would like to take part in the sky dive visit the Lake Ross Caravan Park and Fishery Facebook page for more information.

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