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South Holland residents kick up a stink due to uncollected dog poo

Residents are being forced to kick up a stink due to dog poo bins being filled to the brim.

Animal lovers across South Holland claim their refuse is not being collected regularly by the district council.

Quadring parish councillor Andrew Jackson contacted LincsOnline to highlight the many complaints he has received from villagers.

A full dog poo bin in Quadring
A full dog poo bin in Quadring

Similar issues in Gosberton and Fleet have also been brought to our attention.

“We’ve sent numerous emails regarding this issue over many months,” Coun Jackson said.

“I left it with them as long as I could but I feel it needs publicising as we’re just not getting any improvement.

“We’ve had it in the past, but it seems to be a lot worse since they’ve changed bin routes. Whether that’s because of new staff and drivers in the area I don’t really know.

“I keep getting messages from residents letting me know when bins are full. If there was a regular emptying once a week there wouldn’t be an issue.”

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Mr Jackson met with an SHDC waste supervisor earlier this year to ‘show them where the bins are’ in a bid to highlight the issue and encourage collections.

However, he says the issue continues.

“We’re constantly emailing every fortnight, saying there’s a bin or a few bins full,” he added.

“I did get an email response from South Holland saying they are currently looking at the frequency the bins are being emptied and they’re trying to change the route to increase the frequency.

“But it’s not the frequency of collections that’s the issue, it’s the frequency of missed collections that’s causing the problem.”

An SHDC spokesperson clarified that the council’s Environmental Services team oversee the collection of waste from street litter bins and dog waste bins across the district, and that bins are scheduled for weekly collections.

They added that collections ‘are taking place as per the scheduling’.

LincsOnline also asked the authority to clarify what dog walkers should do with poo bags if bins are full.

“To report a full or damaged bin residents are asked to complete the online dog or litter bin reporting service,” the statement said.

“If a litter bin is full, people should find another one or take their waste home and dispose of it in their own household waste.”

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