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LincsOnline Secret Drinker praised in readers letters for Stamford, Spalding, Grantham and Rutland

Our readers have shared their views on a variety of issues.

A need for double yellow lines

The tragic death of a motorcyclist on the junction of New Cross Road, Sussex Road and Cliff Road on Monday, April 8, surely brings to light the urgent need to increase visibility by adhering to the Highway Code of prohibiting parking within 10m of a junction which should, in my opinion, be enforced by double yellow lines.

John Elson's cartoon is sponsored by the Assist Group
John Elson's cartoon is sponsored by the Assist Group

Duncan Lingard

Princes Road, Stamford

Let’s monitor maintenance

Don Lambert is right, the benches in St. Michael’s Churchyard are looking a bit the worse for wear after a long and wet winter. The Mercury article suggested that they are ‘due to have maintenance work in April’. So, about three weeks in which to get the work done – we’ll be watching to see how effective this is!

Tim Lee


As a resident of Stamford I welcome and support the article from Don Lambert concerning Stamford town’s street furniture.

Surely our council could find in their hearts to upkeep our furniture.

P Reed


Consider the aesthetics of the town

After reading the article about daytime high street closure I worry about our local/district/ county councillors. They are considering the installation of costly bollards or barriers to stop access between 10am and 4pm surely they are not considering the aesthetics of the town as they did when wasting over £1 million on Red Lion Square using blocks over Tarmac (the majority of townspeople wanting Tarmac.)

When the precinct first opened this regulation/problem was overcome by the use of traffic wardens and police so why not again or alternately the use of ANPR cameras discreetly installed?

B J Hansford

Launde Gardens, Stamford

Support at every stage of my recovery

I would like to buck the trend and heap praise on Lakeside Healthcare in Stamford.

I have been very fortunate in that I have very rarely required the assistance of the medical profession in the past as I have remained fit and active most of my life. That all changed last October when I suffered spinal problems.

I had obviously heard and read some very negative stories about Stamford Lakeside Healthcare and it was with those thoughts in the back of my mind that I had to contact the surgery.

I needn’t have worried as I was treated efficiently each time I contacted the surgery. Every member of staff treated me with respect, consideration and empathy for my condition. My problems lasted 6 months during which I required two surgical procedures, and at each stage Stamford surgery were there for me, providing me with practical and moral support.

I know that not everyone will agree with me when I say that the treatment I received from the surgery was first class.

So I would like to say a huge thank you to all the receptionists, nurses and doctors at the Stamford surgery for helping me through a very traumatic time and supporting me at every stage of my recovery.

Peter Hanwell

Chatsworth Road, Stamford

Learn lessons from overseas

Watching television on Saturday night, I see a lot could be learned from other countries.

Japan and South Korea love their toilets, and are not running sewage into their rivers.

While I think it was in America they had their raw sewage made into fertiliser for the land.

It came from the land so it gets put back into the land, not into the rivers.

Stephen Helliwell


Great to see pub recognised

I enjoyed The Secret Drinker’s piece highlighting The Black Bull pub in Donington.

Since I discovered this wonderful pub/restaurant, it is now the only place I book to have a meal and a drink with my wife.

We always have the same table, we know the waitresses and the barmaids by name and they know our faces by now, and we have never had a bad drink or a bad meal.

I have nothing but praise for the place.

We have got into this habit of emailing the landlady and her good fellow after each meal. Only to tell them they have not disappointed once again.

They look after us very well indeed, the staff are very friendly, always smiling.

The chefs produce excellent, well presented, fantastically cooked food, it’s always very very tasty, and have at times, been more than happy for us to email certain meal requests, especially for something like my wife’s birthday meal, and if it is not on the menu, they have been happy to accommodate.

What more could you ask for ?

The pub does have a great mix of clients, and my wife and I like to 'people watch', as it can be a bit of a laugh at times.

A pub with a good 'din' is a happy pub and one that makes you want to go back to it again, and I'm glad to say, that The Black Bull pub in Donington have got it sussed.

A rare gem of a pub in my opinion.

Gary Moore

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