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Meet Tammy, the Long Sutton cat burglar!

An elderly family pet has turned cat burglar and been setting out on missions to steal sachets of food.

Tammy (13) has been amazing owner Tara Harris by bringing back the packets to their home in Long Sutton.

She pierces them with her teeth and has usually eaten some when she gets home, finishing them off by ripping them up to get the last of the food out.

William (11) with Tammy (50336929)
William (11) with Tammy (50336929)

Tammy has been targeting Whiskas and Felix meat pouches and also Pedigree dog food sachets.

The escapades started a few weeks ago but have become much more regular over the last few days.

Although amused by the incidents, Tara said she wanted to apologise to the owner of the stolen pet food.

“I am truly sorry for the manners of my elderly cat,” said Tara, who lives in Garnsgate Road with husband Michael and children Adam (17), George (12), William (11) and Olivia (8), plus a dog and another cat.

“I’m guessing these pouches are probably stored outside and that is how she is managing to get hold of them.

“I obviously cannot tell her not to but I would sincerely like to apologise for her!

“I promise I do feed her and she cannot be hungry – she must enjoy the thrill of stealing!”

Tara said that in her younger days, Tammy would bring home pigeons and once even a live frog.

“It had us jumping around the living room to try to catch it – Tammy wasn’t impressed that we put it back outside when we caught it!”

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