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Spalding dog owner must comply with conditions or banned breed pit bull terrier faces destruction, court says

A teenage dog owner must comply with a number of conditions or her banned-breed pet will be destroyed, a court has ruled.

Oliwia Borowiec was given permission to keep pit bull terrier Nala after police said the animal showed ‘no sign of aggression’.

Following recent Government legislation, owners of XL bullies had to register their pets before January 31 of this year, otherwise owning the animal became an offence and the dog could be seized.

A pit bull terrier. Photo: istock/Mary Swift
A pit bull terrier. Photo: istock/Mary Swift

Miss Borowiec, 18, contacted police fearful she had missed the deadline for registering her pet Nala, prosecutor Emma Heath-Tilford explained to Boston Magistrates’ Court on Monday (March 11).

But after being examined it was discovered Nala was not in fact an XL bully but a pit bull terrier, one of four banned breeds in this country.

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Miss Borowiec, of Wygate Road, Spalding, appeared in court hoping for a certificate of exemption which would allow her to keep Nala.

Boston Magistrates' Court
Boston Magistrates' Court

“The police are not asking for the dog to be destroyed,” said Mrs Heath-Tilford, prosecuting on behalf of Lincolnshire Police.

“Officers made a note of the dog’s behaviour and found it was tolerant to officers and kennel staff. There was no sign of aggression.

“Because of its behaviour they are willing to allow the dog to come under the exemption act.

“However, Miss Borowiec has to keep up with a number of conditions.”

Miss Borowiec believed Nala was an XL bully, like the dog in this stock image
Miss Borowiec believed Nala was an XL bully, like the dog in this stock image

Magistrates imposed a contingent destruction order, meaning Miss Borowiec may keep Nala as long as she complies with those conditions.

If she fails to do so the animal may be seized and she could face prosecution.

In public Nala must be kept on a lead and wear a muzzle at all times, while always under the control of a responsible person aged 16 or over.

Other conditions stated the animal must be spayed, microchipped and registered on the index of exempt dogs.

Miss Borowiec must keep the dog for the entirety of its life and is prohibited from selling or giving Nala away. She must also provide updated addresses as part of the animal’s registration and take out third party insurance.

The court was told Miss Borowiec has already made sure a number of these measures are in place.

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