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Lincolnshire and Rutland 2024 General Election result roundup

Conservatives have held on to stronghold seats in Lincolnshire — but Reform UK and Labour have both made gains in the county.

Richard Tice has won Boston and Skegness for Reform UK, while Hamish Falconer emerged victorious in Lincoln for Labour.

Gareth Davies (Grantham and Bourne), Sir John Hayes (South Holland and the Deepings), Alicia Kearns (Rutland and Stamford) and Dr Caroline Johnson (Sleaford and North Hykeham) have all kept their seats, albeit with reduced majorities, on a bruising night for the party nationally.

Across the county border, Sam Carling pulled off a dramatic 39-vote win for Labour in North West Cambridgeshire, taking the seat that Shailesh Vara had held for the Tories since 2005.

Winners: (clockwise) Gareth Davies, Hamish Falconer, Sir John Hayes and Richard Tice
Winners: (clockwise) Gareth Davies, Hamish Falconer, Sir John Hayes and Richard Tice

Poor turnouts were reported across the area — with figures down on where they were in 2019, despite that election having been held in December.

Nationally, the Labour Party scored a huge victory, picking up more than 400 seats on its way to an historic landslide.

You can re-live the night as it happened with our General Election 2024 live blog

Lincolnshire General Election seat-by-seat results

Boston and Skegness

Richard Tice wins the Boston and Skegness seat for Reform UK.

The result was:

David Dickason (English Democrats) 518

Alex Fawbert (Labour) 7,629

Mike Gilbert (Blue Revolution) 397

Richard Lloyd (Liberal Democrats) 1,375

Chris More (Green) 1,506

Richard Tice (Reform) 15,520

Matt Warman (Conservative) 13,510

In 2019 the constituency was won by Conservative Matt Warman. The result was Con 76.7%, Lab 15.2%, Lib Dem 4.71%, other 3.42%.


Sir Edward Leigh retained his seat in Gainsborough, albeit with a vote share down 30.7% on last time.

The full result was:

Sir Edward Leigh (Con): 16,636

Jess McGuire (Lab): 13,104

Tim Mellors (Social Democrat): 196

Pat O’Connor (Reform UK): 9,916

Lesley Rollings (Liberal Democrat): 5,001

Vanessa Smith (Green): 1,832

Conservative Sir Edward Leigh won the seat in 2019. The result was Con 66.4%, Labour 21.4%, Lib Dem 10.1%, other 2.1%.

Grantham and Bourne

The Grantham and Bourne election race was predicted to be a tight one, but it was eventually held by the Tories. The result was as follows:

Gareth Davies (Conservative): 16,770

Vipul Bechar (Labour): 12,274

John Vincent (Lib Dem): 2,027

Anne Gayfer (Green): 2,570

Mike Rudkin (Reform UK): 9,393

Alexander Mitchell (Social Democratic Party): 204

Charmaine Morgan (Lincolnshire Independents):1,245

Ian Selby (Independent): 1,642

The constituency was part of Grantham and Stamford and held by Conservative Gareth Davies. The 2019 result was Con 65.7%, Lab 19.3%, Lib Dem 10.99%, Green 4.04%.


Labour’s Hamish Falconer wins the seat.

The Lincoln result was:

Laura Ashby (Independent): 243

Hamish Falconer (Labour): 18,470

Sally Anne Horscroft (Green): 2,751

Craig Marshall (Social Democratic Party): 80

Karl McCartney (Conservative): 9,677

Jamie-Lee McMillan (Reform): 7,602

Linda Richardson (Workers Party): 479

Charles Shaw (The Liberal Party): 278

Clare Smalley (Lib Dem): 2,580

The seat was held by Conservative Karl McCartney. The 2019 result was: Con 47.9%, Lab 41%, Lib 4.78%, Green 2.36%, Brexit 2.13%, others 1.8%

Louth and Horncastle

Victoria Atkins holds on to her seat for the Tories, with Reform UK pipping Labour into second place. Her vote share fell 35%.

The result was:

Iconic Arty-Pole (Monster Raving Loony): 309

Victoria Atkins (Conservative): 17,441

Paul Hugill (Ind): 1,359

Sean Matthews (Reform UK): 11,935

Marcus Moorehouse (Social Democrat): 92

Ross Pepper (Liberal Democrat): 2,364

Jonathan Slater (Labour): 10,475

Robert Watson (Green): 2,504

Conservative Victoria Atkins won the seat in 2019 with the result of Con 72.7%, Lab 17.5%, Lib Dem 7.86%, Others 1.99%.

Rutland and Stamford

Alicia Kearns stays on as MP, albeit in a seat with a new look. Her vote share was a strong 43.7%, down 19.6% on her 2019 performance but still a majority of more than 10,000. The full result for Rutland and Stamford is as follows:

Emma Baker (Green) - 2,806

Joanna Burrows (Rejoin EU) - 409

Christopher Clowes (Reform UK) - 7,008

Alicia Kearns (Con): 21,248

James Moore (Lib Dem) - 6,252

Joe Wood (Labour) - 10,854

In 2019 the constituency was part of Rutland and Melton and won by Conservative Alicia Kearns. The result was Con 62.6%, Lab 16.4%, Lib Dem 13.67%, Green 4.93%, other 2.36%.

Sleaford and North Hykeham

The seat held by Dr Caroline Johnson with 17,348 of the 48,761 votes cast on a 64.46% turnout.

The full result was:

Martin Blake (Green): 2,435

Benjamin Jackson (Reform UK): 10, 484

Caroline Johnson (Conservative): 17,348

Hanif Khan (Labour): 13,002

Robert Oates (Lincs Ind): 3,032

Matthew Winnington (Liberal Democrats): 2,264

The seat won by Conservative Dr Caroline Johnson in 2019. The result was Con 67.1%, Lab 18.2%, Lib Dem 8.05%, other 3.99%, Green 2.62%

South Holland and The Deepings

Sir John Hayes continues to hold onto the seat, with a majority of just under 7,000 and a fall in vote share of almost half, dropping by 37.9%.

Full result in South Holland and the Deepings:

Rhys Baker (Green): 1800

Jack Braginton (Lib Dem): 1945

Sir John Hayes (Con): 17462

Paul Hilliar (Labour): 9086

Mark Le Sage (Ind): 5031

Matthew Swainson (Reform Uk): 10606

The seat has been won by Conservative Sir John Hayes at every election since it was created in 1997. The result in 2019 was Con 75.9%, Lab 13.22%, Lib Dem 6.56%, Green 3.28%, Others 1.02%

Over the border

North West Cambridgeshire

Sam Carling took the seat for Labour by just 39 votes.

The result in North West Cambridgeshire was:

Sam Carling (Labour): 14,785

James Sidlow (Reform UK): 8,741

Bridget Smith (Liberal Democrat): 3,192

Elliot Tong (Green): 2,690

Shailesh Vara (Conservative): 14,746

The 2019 result was Con 62.5%, Lab 22.2%, Lib Dem 10.66%, Green 4.68% and the seat had been held by Shailesh Vara since 2005.

Corby and East Northamptonshire

The seat was comfortably won by Labour’s Lee Barron, with the Tory vote plummeting 25%.

The full result was:

Lee Barron (Labour): 21,020

Karen Blott (Ind): 422

Lee Foster (Green): 2, 507

Chris Lofts (Liberal Democrat): 2,191

Eddie McDonald (Reform UK): 8, 760

Tom Pursglove (Con): 14, 689

The constituency was known as Corby and is held by Conservative Tom Pursglove. The 2019 result was Con 55.2%, Lab 38.3%, Lib Dem 6.5%.

What do you think about the results and the prospects of a Labour government? Let us know in the comments below…

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