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Spalding’s Hughes store closure prompts big debate among residents

Residents have expressed their shock and sadness at the loss of a prominent town centre store.

Hughes in Sheep Market, Spalding closed its doors for good this morning – and the news has proved a big talking point on social media, with readers debating the demise of the store.

The news came as two banks are set to pull out of town – and Argos is set to leave its unit in Holland Market to go inside Sainsbury’s.

Hughes in Sheep Market, Spalding
Hughes in Sheep Market, Spalding

The store’s staff have been praised for their customer service approach.

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Janet Lewis stated: “So sad especially for the staff.

“Hughes provided a great service and such a friendly bunch of staff. They will be missed.

A sign states the doors are closed – though business is still operating online
A sign states the doors are closed – though business is still operating online

“What’s happening to our town centre? What are the council doing about generating life into the community?”

Diane Voss added: “Another one bites the dust in the ghost town.”

Ivan Pastore, Avici restaurant owner, posted: “This store has helped me out on so many occasions, both on a personal and business level.

“I have always found the staff to be super helpful and professional.

“I know that so many of use the internet but still, for those of us that need to touch and feel the products before we buy, that includes me, it’s nice to know this shop is available to us in Spalding and they provide lots of free face to face advice!”

Hughes has been contacted for comment on today's closure
Hughes has been contacted for comment on today's closure

Paul Trevor said: “Every time we buy on the internet we hammer another nail into the high street coffins, we are all guilty of this!”

Ian Baker said: “Visited Stamford on Saturday and very refreshing to see a high street full of bustling shops and not just multiple mini markets and takeaways. Spalding town centre died the day Springfields opened sadly. Even the market on a Saturday is now a bare minimum, nothing really to encourage people beyond Holland Market.”

Carol Woodcock turned her attention on what she would like to see there next. She wrote: “Put a seven day market in one of the shops like other towns.”

The store was often used as a collection hub for Community Mind Matters and promoting the Spalding Flower Parade.

Hughes has been contacted for comment in order to find out the reason for the closure.

What do you think? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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