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Jack Issitt from Spalding will be making his debut in the BriSCA F1 Stock Cars at King’s Lynn

Jack Issitt will be making his debut in the BriSCA F1 Stock Cars at King’s Lynn on Saturday (5pm).

The 25-year-old Spalding-based driver was fourth in the F2 track championship at King’s Lynn last year and looks to have a very bright future in the category.

But, after a disappointing showing in the European Championship at Northampton last month, he’s decided to test his mettle in Big League BriSCA F1, driving a Mat Newson-supplied hire car.

Jack Issitt will be hoping for victory when he swaps his F2 for an F1 Stock Car this Saturday.
Jack Issitt will be hoping for victory when he swaps his F2 for an F1 Stock Car this Saturday.

"It was a bit of an impulse thing really'” Issitt admitted.

"I did the European and didn’t really have the best weekend, to be honest. And I’m quite reactionary, the way I look at racing – if I have one bad meeting, I’m just down and that. So I just wanted to get back in a car.

"I know Bradley Blyth and he hires a Newson car, so I think it was the day after the European, I messaged him and asked him if Newson had any cars for this one meeting.

"I think we've got six weeks off without a shale meeting (in BriSCA F2), so I just wanted to get back in a car."

Issitt’s outing comes at the wheel of the car raced by regular blue-top, #172 Micky Randell – but his first experience of it won't come until he has his five-lap competency test pre-meeting, as a new driver.

He added: "I haven’t seen that car.

"I'm told it's a real decent car, which I’m pleased about, and I think it’s quite new as well. That was quite a big thing for me really – I’ve always wanted to have a go in F1 but I wanted to have a proper go at it.

"So I wanted to have something on the pace and competitive to see what I can do in it.

"Obviously they brake a lot earlier, so I’ve been told by a few people just to don’t go in the first bend too hard. F2s are really quick into the bends.

"I’d love to do it more often but it's a different level (cost-wise). Part of it is just having a go in it, but I just want to challenge myself and see if I can do it.

"I wouldn’t mind having a go in a two-litre Saloon as well. There’s a couple of formulas that I'm interested in but I don't think I'd ever go away from Formula Two just because of the knowledge we have in Formula Twos, and all the gear we’ve got. It’s hard to start from scratch."

Issitt's performance in the F1 will be looked forward to by fans.

Racing on Saturday also comes from the F2 Stock Cars. It is a different type of meeting for the F2s and is only open to lower grade drivers.

These meetings are generally hugely entertaining affairs and you do see the white and yellow grade drivers really raise their game when they know they are going to be swamped by the higher graded drivers.

Local drivers in action include Daniel Vaughan, Gavin Mason, Steve Wycherley and father and son due Barry and Jason Clow.

The Unlimited Bangers complete the action in their annual War of the Worlds team competition with Sonny Parsons in action for the Aftermath and Dan Clarke in Points Please.

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