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Specialists' advice for a safe and comfortable holidays with children

For many years, paediatricians have argued with each other about whether it is worth travelling with young children on holiday to countries with a hot climate or not.

However, all of them are of the same opinion that it is extremely important to follow certain instructions during such trips. In this article, Mellow Promo shares with you useful tips for a safe holiday with children of any age.

Taking your children on holiday
Taking your children on holiday

How to manage a transfer

When planning your first aeroplane trip with a child, you need to be prepared in advance. Be sure to take anti-seasickness pills and ear drops, as the changes of the pressure during the flight can cause earaches. Usually the most comfortable way to travel with children are cars; most families use them in everyday life, so the child doesn't get stressed during the trip. That is why many parents prefer renting a car during holidays in order to be more mobile in a new place. Automotive company Renty offers a wide choice of cars to hire for comfortable vacations, ranging from capacious SUVs and crossovers to tiny convertibles. Car rental is a safe and quick way to travel with a child, which significantly saves your time. Another advantage is that in the hot weather a car could serve as a great place for recreation, thanks to the air conditioning. You can choose and rent a car online at home on your own, according to your preferences and requirements.

Sun protection

Despite the fact that during the year most children and adults are deficient in vitamin D, there is no need to oversaturate it on vacation. Doctors advise you to limit your time on the beach, especially from 11am to 4pm, during periods when the sun is particularly active. A child's body can quickly get burnt, even if the child is swimming in the sea. For this reason, make a choice in favor of waterproof sunscreens and headwear as well. For babies aged one and two, parents should be especially careful, since overheating can not only turn red, but also, on the contrary, pale. In this case, you should immediately take the child into the shade and wash the body with cold water.

Protecting against infections

The most common infections among travellers are intestinal infections and dysentery, which are easily transmitted through dirty hands, water and food. For this reason, doctors advise following these rules:

  • Be sure to wash your child's hands before and after every meal and avoid drinking tap water. The best option is to buy your own water and take it with you.
  • Follow hygiene rules as strictly as possible. Stock up on antibacterial wet wipes and antiseptic and try to clean children's toys every day when you come back from the beach.
  • Beware of public pools, they are much less likely to be cleaned than smaller ones. Small children can often swallow water when swimming. It’s preferable to choose small children's pools or use inflatable ones, if possible.


Many parents forget that a change of climate can be difficult and stressful for the child, usually the baby's immune system needs time to adjust and adapt to the new climate zone. For this reason, doctors recommend setting aside a few extra days, usually from two to five, so that the child can acclimatise both upon arrival in the new country and after the holiday back home.

By following these simple yet essential rules, your vacation would be much more peaceful and safe. Enjoy your holidays!

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