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Beehives stolen from Colsterworth Honey Farm

A beekeeper has been stung by thieves who made off with eight of his hives.

The owner of Colsterworth Honey Farm realised one of his sites had been targeted when he visited on Sunday (March 3).

Each hive would have contained up to 20,000 insects.

Bob Halsey has been keeping bees all of his life.
Bob Halsey has been keeping bees all of his life.

Beekeeper Bob Halsey said: “It’s frustrating to have this happen, especially at this time of year when we’re about to reap the benefits of having looked after them.

“We just have to put it down as a business loss.”

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The eight hives were located on land alongside the A151 to the east of Twyford Wood.

The blue and green polystyrene structures have a distinctive design which Bob created himself.

They were taken sometime between Friday, February 9 and Sunday, March 3.

Moving bee hives in winter can result in the colony dying because the cluster they form to maintain the right temperature can break up.

It is the second time Bob has had bees stolen with the first incident having happened a decade ago.

He launched the business in 2002 having inherited a passion for beekeeping from his father, who began keeping them after the Second World War.

Bob estimates his honey farm in Bridge End, Colsterworth, is now home to more than 16 million bees.

Anyone with information about the theft should contact Lincolnshire Police on 101 quoting incident 140 of March 4.

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