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Stamford sobriety coach Sober Dave offers tips to enjoy a less boozy festive season

A sobriety coach has shared his key tips to help people enjoy a less boozy festive season.

As Christmas approaches, David Wilson, known as Sober Dave - who ended his own tumultuous relationship with alcohol five years ago - is encouraging people to be more mindful about their drinking habits and about how alcohol is really making them feel.

With millions across the UK expected to take a month off alcohol during Dry January, Dave is keen to share the benefits of taking action around your drinking habits before January, to start Dry Jan feeling even better.

And the Stamford author and podcaster has provided some practical tips to help people enjoy the festive season more than ever this year by drinking less alcohol:

1. If you’ve decided not to drink, let people know in advance that you’re not drinking - that way you’re more prepared plus they are less likely to shove a drink in your hand and call you boring.

2. Focus on the benefits of not drinking alcohol, or drinking less - get excited about the money you could save, the things you can enjoy doing without a hangover and the special moments you’ll remember more about.

3.Set yourself some boundaries around the number of drinks you’ll have or when you’ll stop drinking, and really try to stick to them. You’ll feel great if you do.

4.Take your own drinks with you if you’re going to a social occasion, stick to what you’ve brought and don’t go over the amount you’ve allocated yourself. And don’t be afraid to leave early - you’re allowed to leave a party when you want to.

5.Take notice of how good you feel if you drink less or don’t drink at all - really tune into how you feel when not drinking vs drinking and notice how much better you feel when you cut back.

6. Find a support network to help you, there are plenty of online groups and in-person meetings, as well as podcasts and social media accounts that can really help you through this time of year.

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Dave said: “The run up to Christmas can sometimes feel like an endless drinking session, with party after party, and lots of excuses to crack open a bottle, so to help ease that, making a plan in advance is key to having a lovely Christmas.

“When people think about drinking less they often think they’re limiting their fun….but the opposite is true. Life becomes much more enjoyable when you drink less, or stop completely, I promise you!

“Embrace it with open arms - having a Christmas where you’ve either taken it easy or refrained completely is an excellent way to start Dry January. There’s loads of support throughout the month and before you know it you could have clocked up a few weeks without a hangover – what is there not to love?”

Sober Dave has an Amazon bestselling book called One For The Road as well as a top 10 Apple podcast of the same name. He has interviewed a number of prominent alcohol-free experts and trailblazers on over 100 episodes of his podcast including RTT founder Marisa Peer, SAS Who Dares Wins Ollie Ollerton, author of 'The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober' Catherine Gray, media personality Suzanne Shaw and singer Michelle Heaton. He also has a podcast and an Instagram: @SoberDave

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