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Stamford man disgusted at litter in Pilsgate

A man has vowed to take a carrier bag on every walk after being shocked by the amount of roadside litter.

Simon Turpin was walking along Mill Road, between Pilsgate and Burghley Park near Stamford, when he discovered the verge was littered with rubbish.

He found a carrier bag in his coat pocket and decided to pick up the discarded cans, boxes and wrappers.

Simon Turpin picked up litter from a protected verge in Pilsgate
Simon Turpin picked up litter from a protected verge in Pilsgate

Simon said it started as a joke but to his surprise he managed to fill the whole bag and was left ‘disgusted’ at the volume of wrappers.

He said: “It is embarrassing.

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“If you were someone coming from another country you would wonder what kind of dirty people live in that place.”

Simon said out of the cans and bottles there was only one drink he would have drank himself as they were mainly energy drinks.

“They were all the things younger people drink,” the 54-year-old said.

“Younger people are meant to be more environmentally friendly. Some potentially aren’t.”

Mill Road has a protected road verge, which signifies the site's importance for wildlife, as it has rare plant species.

If Simon had spotted someone littering he would have confronted the person or filmed them and uploaded it to social media.

“I think a lot of people don’t care,” he said.

“People aren’t particularly well educated or think about the consequences of their actions on other people and the environment.

“There’s a lot of foolish behaviour and people think it’s somebody else’s responsibility.”

Although some of the litter was very fresh, Simon believes much of it was weeks old.

According to Peterborough City Council, the verge itself does not normally have a high demand for litter picking and rubbish was last removed in September 2023.

“This rural road is classified as a high speed road, and with this comes additional precautions and safety measures required to litter pick the verges, which could include traffic management,” a spokesperson for the council said.

As well as condemning the litterers, Simon encourages everybody to take steps to help.

He said: “Going forward if I’m going out for a walk, I will now take a carrier bag in case I see junk.

“If you see other people’s trash do the decent thing and pick it up.”

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