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Corby Glen author appeals to people living in Stamford, Grantham and Spalding for Lincolnshire ghost stories

An author wants to know all of the local ghoulish goings on as he pens a book about untold ghost stories.

Over the years Phil Kerry, from Corby Glen, has become fascinated by stories of the supernatural.

“I have been told so many stories in the past 40 years that I decided I had to write some down,” the 65-year-old said.

Author Phil Kerry is searching for untold ghost stories
Author Phil Kerry is searching for untold ghost stories

“Now I’m asking people to contribute their stories and I’m keen to hear more about Stamford and South Lincolnshire.”

He is particularly interested in stories relating to bomber pilots because of the county’s military connections.

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Phil, director of Stamford Shepherd Huts, already has about 80 different stories, all from people he knows personally, which makes him think more than one book will be needed to fit them in.

He said: “When I go to a pub I will ask if anybody knows of any ghost stories.

“One out of three people will always have one, but one in 10 will always say they don’t believe in ghosts.”

Almost all of the stories Phil has been told face-to-face which has allowed him to ‘look in people’s eyes and know they are not making it up’.

According to Phil those who believe they have seen ghosts have varied reactions. Some are fascinated and seek out haunted properties whereas others feel ashamed.

“A lot of people are nervous because they don’t want to be thought of as idiots and are frightened of being ridiculed,” he said.

Phil is personally ‘not bothered’ by sceptics as he believes ‘some people don’t want to know and are in denial, others aren’t gifted enough’.

Despite never having seen a ghost himself, Phil hasn’t questioned whether they exist and has always been open to the supernatural.

He claims he saw fairies as a child and later in life came across an alien.

Phil has written a number of non-fiction books before but has found it challenging putting pen to paper with the ghost stories.

“I find it very uncomfortable sometimes - I don’t know where to start,” he said.

He will be using artificial intelligence to illustrate the book by inputting detailed descriptions of the ghosts described in the stories.

An artist will also be creating paintings of the scenes which artificial intelligence cannot do justice.

Among the tales he has been told was of a ghost police officer who stopped vehicles on a country road and asked to see driving documents.

The following day the occupants visited the police station and were told by the inspector the officer they spoke with had died years before.

Another story to feature in the book is from the daughter of a former landlord of the Castle Inn pub in Castle Bytham who claims her father was woken up to the sounds of laughter despite having locked up the building hours before.

When he entered the bar, it was lit by oil lamps and candles and he saw the ghosts of men, some sitting smoking clay pipes with others standing at the bar all in clothing from the 18th century.

The entrance door was in a different position to the present-day door and after that night he discovered signs in the stone masonry of a doorway long sealed up.

Another submission is from Phil’s former cleaner, who describes how she saw the ghost of her husband.

After he died she asked the undertaker to dress him in his suit and tie as that is how she wished to remember him.

A few days later, she was crying in her room when suddenly he appeared as a solid person wearing a shroud, rather than a suit, at the end of her bed to tell her that he was alright.

She later asked the undertaker about this and he explained he didn’t have time so put him in a shroud.

Others stories include hauntings of Grantham hospital, ghosts sitting at the court in Lincoln Castle and a ghost army.

Phil is after a diverse range of tales and asks anyone willing to share to email him at sales@intothewild.com.

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Do you have a ghost story? Share it in the comments.

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