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Rabbit farm owner who operates in Rutland announces retirement following animal rights protest

A rabbit farmer is closing his business following an animal rights protest.

Phil Kerry, of T&S Nurseries, runs a network of rabbit farms including one at Rutland Water which was recently refused planning permission for a workers' hut.

Mr Kerry announced he is retiring following a protest by the campaign group Shut Down T&S Rabbits in Ancaster last week.

A rabbit. Photo: iStock
A rabbit. Photo: iStock

He said: “I was retiring next year anyway from rabbit farming but I have to be honest, the activists made the decision for me. It was also the sheer cost of security.

“I made the decision to give into their demands. We couldn’t fight them any more because they are too strong.”

In March the same protest group held a demonstration at Lyndon Top against Mr Kerry's development plans.

The protest in Rutland
The protest in Rutland

The animal rights organisation PETA has welcomed the news of his retirement.

Elisa Allen, vice president of programmes, said: “Animal advocates are jumping for joy over news that T&S Nurseries has read the writing on the wall and will soon be closing up shop – meaning no more rabbits will be bred and killed at its facilities.

“On these farms, sensitive animals spend much of their lives confined to barren hutches, unable to socialise or explore.

“Then, after enduring a miserable life, they’re hung upside down and their throats are slit so their dismembered body parts can be used for pâté, pies, and other products.

“Business owner Phil Kerry revealed the decision to cease trading was made, in part, because councils repeatedly blocked his applications for new butchering and breeding sites.

“The public has once again reminded animal-exploiting businesses that the only viable industries are those which don’t harm other living, feeling beings.”

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