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Lincolnshire readers share their views on news in Stamford, Rutland, Spalding and Grantham

Readers have had plenty to say on what’s in the news.

Here we share some of the letters, emails and comments that have come in over the week, including this great observation from our cartoonist, John Elson.

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John Elson cartoon sponsored by the Assist Group
John Elson cartoon sponsored by the Assist Group

Store would bring much needed jobs

Initial reaction to the proposed Aldi site was that it was near a school, not too sure if the people who made that comment were aware of where the proposed site was, as Westfield School must be at least half a mile away. Of those that objected, two lived in Carlby and the other I believe in Kirkby Underwood, quite as to how this proposed development would impact on them is a complete mystery.

One of the objections at the meeting this week were the area acting as a fire break were the woods to ever catch fire, just a short distance away Beech Avenue abuts the woods, added to which the woods have done pretty well avoiding fire since being recorded in the Doomsday Book. A councillor cited the 60mph speed limit on West Road, I think that is actually on the A151 (West Road is 30mph up to the roundabout although you wouldn't necessarily believe it!) and anyone hitting the roundabout at that speed would undoubtedly plough straight through it. Quite as to what the location has to do with being 12 minutes from the rather overpriced Co-Op Store on Elsea Park I have absolutely no idea.

Another comment made was about dust during building work, this again had no relevance as we are still blessed with dust from the continuing expansion of Elsea Park and as another reader has expressed, what was Elsea Park built on or indeed any of the other new estates in Bourne - oh yes, greenfield sites!

Personally, I hope Aldi lodge an appeal and are successful as it will enhance the choice of shopping in Bourne as well as bringing 40 or so much needed jobs to the area.

I am sure that Bourne Wood will be there for many more years and that any wildlife displaced by the building of the store will soon readapt to the slight changes that the store would bring.

Alan Woodley


What’s the healthcare plan?

Do our election candidates have a plan to rid our town Stamford of that wretched Lakeside Healthcare enterprise (the word organisation has been deliberately avoided!) not seen to improve by continuing to defend a failed system, which not only results in poor patient treatment but as a consequence wastes NHS funds.

Parodying Professor Van Tam’s style of analysis, no cricket team could ever hope to succeed with an inadequate number of batters, no matter how large the army of excellent supporters in the pavilion making the sandwiches!

Barry Brummitt


Thank you for help after fall

May I through the columns of your paper say a big ‘thank you’ to the good people who came to my aid when I fell in Red Lion Square in Stamford on Friday? I was trying to stop my pusher which was running away from me on the slope. Particular thanks to the gentleman who paid my taxi fare. If he made himself known to me, I could repay him.

Sheila Blankley


Easy to follow instructions

It is not difficult to sort plastics, tins and glass for one bin and clean card and paper for the second.

No one near me has had their bins tagged.

Some people can't follow instructions or can't be bothered.

Name and address supplied

Where are cycle paths?

I would like to ask Lynda North, Grantham Journal "Your View" dated May 24, where the dedicated cycle paths in Grantham are? There are many pedestrian/cycle paths, including Manthorpe Road and Manthorpe Village. The eastern footpath of Watergate is also a pedestrian/cyclist footpath!

I firmly believe that pedestrian safety has been sacrificed by the introduction of joint pedestrian/cycle paths and side by side pedestrian/cycle paths. Were the Lincolnshire Highways Department and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership concerned about pedestrian safety.

Both organisations never replied to my e-mail concerning a 'diversion sign' fully blocking a footpath. The diversion sign, there was no traffic diversion, was removed when some building works were completed. I am left with one conclusion that neither organisation is interested in pedestrian safety. Neither organisation appears to have available facilities for people to make complaints/observations about road safety for pedestrians.

D Turgoose

Hawksdale Close, Grantham

Bypass will impact junction

Last issue (May 31), you quoted someone from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership about the junction between Bridge End Road and London Road, by McDonald's. They stated that the new bypass will "impact" the junction.

Well, yes. It will "impact" all right. But not necessarily how they describe it. Of course, lorries that currently pass through the town without stopping in the town can use the by-pass. So that is less traffic. But the funding for the new road was dependent on the big new development at the top of Somerby Hill. That will have over three thousand houses, with more than three thousand cars, many of which will funnel through the McDonald's junction to get into town. So that is more traffic.

In summary, fewer lorries, but a lot more cars. "Impact", certainly, but not necessarily a good thing.

John Morgan

Independent Town Councillor, St Vincent's ward

Car parking is restricted

Incredible! I visited Watergate car park this week and was shocked to find that the number of parking spaces there has been reduced by roughly half due to the builders’ offices and newly installed barriers to allow flats to be built on part of this popular car park, thus permanently closing the Swinegate exit. All cars now have to enter and exit via Watergate. I wonder how long it will be before there is an accident involving a vehicle turning right into oncoming traffic? This problem was solved 30+ years ago when the car park was made one way only by the then council. So what bright new spark has changed what was an excellent system which worked well, even at busy times? Where does the council now expect people to park for future popular events at St Wulfram’s, eg the Christmas Tree festival and the Beer Festival? Both events, plus many others, draw large crowds to Grantham and bring welcome revenue for the church and local businesses, but only if traffic-warden-free parking is available.

The Watergate car park closure is in addition to the ongoing partial closure of over half of Welham Street car park, the permanent removal of ALL former parking spaces in the Market Place and the serious proposal to reduce the Conduit car park to a short stay rather than a long stay car park!

SKDC must really hate Grantham as they are actively discouraging so many people from visiting by severely reducing the amount of parking spaces available for an ever-increasing population! Do the majority of councillors live so far away from Grantham that they have no idea how their major decisions are affecting local people and visitors alike? Fewer parking spaces, reduced parking times and newly cobbled streets will not encourage anyone to shop here, despite what certain councillors want us to believe! Those who are brave enough to visit and actually manage to find a parking space will no longer have time to browse more than a few shops nor enjoy a leisurely meal at one of our many “eateries”. It seems Grantham has a bleak future when even more shops and businesses are likely to be closed due to lack of customers as a result of SKDC’s so-called “improvements”.

Heaven help us all if the town is given £20 million of government “levelling up money”, as was suggested/pledged this week, no doubt to be squandered on yet more unwanted projects!

According to Rishi Sunak “This bold action will transform 30 more towns – reviving their high streets, growing their local economies and making people feel proud of the place they call home.”

I assume he is unlikely to ever visit Grantham to see the results of any extra funding!

Lynda North


Thank you

Thank you to everyone that came and supported the Doris Banham Dog Rescue at the table top sale in the Isaac Newton Centre on Saturday, June 1.

We raised over £500 from the table top sale. Our next sales will take place on Saturday, July 13, and Saturday, July 27 in the shopping centre.

Anne Lockwood

Doris Banham Dog Rescue volunteer

Parking is a problem

The limited parking at Morrisons in the Isaac Newton Centre is causing a problem for all shoppers but particularly for blue badge holders.

For some with limited walking it is difficult to do a big shop in the limited amount of time given in the car park which is 2 hours especially if popping into the cafe for food to keep blood sugar level up.

Despite appealing, a standard reply has been sent dismissing the information and charging us £60 for parking 35 minutes extra. £100 if we don’t pay within two weeks.

Limited mobility customers are penalised.

Please do something for shoppers and retailers in the centre who must suffer because of this.

Name and address supplied

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