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Lincoln Arts Centre hosts tribute to Margaret Thatcher's legacy

A theatrical tribute to Margaret Thatcher's legacy will be appearing on a Lincolnshire stage next month.

On Friday, March 8, the Lincoln Arts Centre will host Thatcher-Rite, a theatrical performance exploring the legacy of Britain's Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher.

Created and performed by Jack Boal, a native of Thatcher's former constituency of Finchley, the show offers a blend of lip-sync, clowning, and verbatim theatre, inviting audience members to reflect on their feelings of admiration or anger towards the former Prime Minister.

Jack Boal as Margaret Thatcher.
Jack Boal as Margaret Thatcher.

Boal's inspiration for the production stems from his fascination with Thatcher's political mythology and persona, as well as his personal experiences growing up in Finchley, North London, where she once served as MP.

“I've always been fascinated by the persona and political mythology of Margaret Thatcher ever since I can remember.

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“I think this came with my combined interest in politics and history as a teenager.

“I also find there is a camp glamour to Margaret Thatcher. From the hair, outfits and tone of voice - there is an effervescence to her conservatism which tilted my head and began to look more deeply at her.

“I am also from Finchley in North London where she represented as MP. Finchley and the surrounding area didn't have this effervescent quality that Thatcher had.”

Thatcher-Rite comes to Lincoln in March.
Thatcher-Rite comes to Lincoln in March.

"Thatcher-Rite is about exploring the identity of my hometown and, more broadly, the identifiers of Thatcher's policy and personality, with my own desires for the kind of life I want."

Thatcher-Rite promises to juxtapose the personal and political aspects of Thatcher's tenure.

It raises questions about her lasting impact on the cultural, social, and political landscape of England.

The performance has already been staged in Nottingham, with future stops in London and Sheffield.

The show sees "Thatcher" reflect on her history and invites audience members to take part.
The show sees "Thatcher" reflect on her history and invites audience members to take part.

Asked if he plans to take the show to Thatcher’s hometown, Boal shared: “Before my work in Lincoln, and trying to piece a potential tour together, we had considered performing in Grantham.

“But as my relationship with Lincoln Arts Centre grew across 2022/23, they felt like the right place to showcase my debut show in a supportive environment.

“But who knows maybe one day it will come to Grantham?”

The show, which runs for 60 minutes, is recommended for audiences aged 15 and above.

Tickets are priced at £10 for standard admission and £5 for Live Pass holders.

For more information and ticket bookings, visit the Lincoln Arts Centre website.

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