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Spalding show had me laughing lots

Spalding Guardian reporter Kat Wakefield reviews Spalding Comedy Night at Imaginarium/XO.

It’s not often I spend my Friday nights laughing my head off on a nightclub’s sticky dance floor.

However, last week I made an exception as the Spalding Comedy Night took place at the town’s XO nightclub.

Having downed some Dutch courage downstairs in Imaginarium, I was ready for any heckling from comedians which would come my way.

Karen Bayley at Spalding Comedy Night (56150643)
Karen Bayley at Spalding Comedy Night (56150643)

Luckily, compere Joe Rowntree (who was almost ‘home’ having been born in Boston), left me well alone and focused his attention on the second row.

Focusing on a range of topics, from immigration and Brexit, to Spalding’s slightly dated persona (he felt as though he had travelled back to 1986!), he kept the crowd giggling all evening.

In fact, when one audience member was a few minutes late to her seat, he had no issue in mocking her relentlessly.

Peter Brush at Spalding Comedy Night (56150637)
Peter Brush at Spalding Comedy Night (56150637)

She gave as good as she got though, much to the crowd’s delight, and even asked him to take a photo of her for social media.

First to take to the stage was Peter Brush. While many of his jokes were a slightly slow burn, there was plenty to laugh about. From ‘Instagram perfect’ lives to the intricacy of relationships, Peter made sure there was something relatable for everyone to laugh about with his great punchlines.

Next to take on the crowd was Karen Bayley who was without a doubt the highlight of the night for me.

Joe Rowntree at Spalding Comedy Night (56150634)
Joe Rowntree at Spalding Comedy Night (56150634)

Hailing from Birmingham, the self proclaimed cougar (and West Brom fan) didn’t take long to pick on a poor unsuspecting gentleman in the crowd. And his girlfriend.

I can’t talk about a lot of Karen’s routine in this review as, quite honestly, it was complete filth. And it was brilliant.

She dealt with any hecklers with complete ease - it was as if she enjoyed it just as much as her planned routine. When I grow up, I think I might want to be like her. The final act to have the crowd chuckling was Rory O’Hanlon, who hails from Dublin.

Rory O' Hanlon at Spalding Comedy Night (56150631)
Rory O' Hanlon at Spalding Comedy Night (56150631)

He spent most of his routine discussing the differences between Irish and English people. Cheap flights, raucous nights out and how Northerners talk (his Blackburn accent was spot on) all had the crowd tittering away.

All in all, this was exactly what I needed after a long day at work. I went home with a smile on my face which, as many of us will know, isn’t always the case after a night out. It was great to see such fantastic comedians in our town and I can’t wait for the next one.

The next Spalding Comedy Night will take place on June 18.

It promises to be another cracking show, with Clinton Baptiste (of Phoenix Nights fame) promising to bring plenty of laughter.

Rating 4.5/5

By Kat Wakefield

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