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Love At First Knight by Megan Clawson is released on April 25 - with Lincolnshire serving as a backdrop to the action

Lincolnshire forms a backdrop for a hotly-anticipated royal romcom which hits shelves tomorrow.

Love At First Knight is the second novel by Megan Clawson, following on from the success of her debut Falling Hard for the Royal Guard.

For her second book, the author and TikTok star has drawn on her experiences of living in Lincolnshire and also the Tower of London.

Megan Clawson
Megan Clawson

“Half of it’s set in Friskney. I think being from Lincolnshire has definitely shaped my outlook, especially in terms of observing people around you,” Megan said.

“It’s about appreciating where you come from, as well as realising there’s more out there.

"This book is about a girl who feels trapped because she’s too scared to go beyond what she knows well. But she goes off and realises London isn’t infinitely better than flat old Friskney, it’s about discovering yourself enough to live happily wherever you are.”

Love At First Knight by Megan Clawson
Love At First Knight by Megan Clawson

The story follows Daisy Hastings, who bags a summer job running Knight School at the Tower of London.

All seems to be going well until she crosses swords with Theodore ‘Teddy’ Fairfax, a disgraced distant relative of the royal family.”

“It’s another royal romance, but it’s a romcom about a girl from Lincolnshire who’s very into LARPing, which is live action role-playing,” explained Megan.

Megan Clawson at the Tower
Megan Clawson at the Tower

“She and her whole family get dressed up and they go down to the village hall and they essentially pretend to fight each other with swords.

“She gets a job in the Tower of London where she meets a viscount who is there begrudgingly.

“It’s their relationship and how she handles the change from being isolated in Lincolnshire to being thrust into the middle of London.

Megan Clawson
Megan Clawson

“The story is about her growth as a person.”

Of course, due to her own life experiences of growing up in Boston before moving in with her former Beefeater dad Chris in the Tower, parallels will be drawn.

“There are times when I say ‘I hate this about Daisy or Maggie’ (the lead character from Falling Hard) and my family say ‘that’s you’. That’s a little embarrassing, but its more they find themselves in my characters,” added Megan, 23.

Megan Clawson with dad Chris
Megan Clawson with dad Chris

“You have to take from your own experiences.

“I say the characters are what I wish I was and what I wish I wasn’t. Parts of me I want to explore in books, if there’s a situation or something I struggle with I ask ‘how can I get my characters through this?’

“I was writing this book in between moving back home from London. As I was writing I took different directions due to the mindset I was in - coming back to my hometown having built a career based in London.”

Falling Hard for the Royal Guard by Megan Clawson
Falling Hard for the Royal Guard by Megan Clawson

Despite her long-held dream to become a writer, Megan - a fan of the romantic classics - admits she was ‘held back’ from taking the plunge for a fear of not being able to ‘write as well’ as her heroes Emily Bronte and Jane Austen.

However, after some soul searching and discussions with her publisher the former Boston High School pupil has happily found her niche.

“My publishers suggested a romcom and I thought ‘but I’m not very funny’,” she said.

“But when I started and found people who connected with the sorts of things I write, that made me think ‘maybe I can be funny’.

“I really enjoy it and messing around with the genre. Especially with this second one, it very much leans into fantasy and Knights of the Round Table, those Camelot sort of stories.”

After the success of Falling Hard, Megan says it took her some time to convince herself she was moving in the right direction with that difficult follow-up.

“Before I started writing, everyone said the second book is the hardest,” she explained.

“You don’t want to make same mistakes twice, but want to do what you did well first time and live up to expectations.

“It was a lot of pressure to try to emulate the success of the first one, but also improve on it.

“Getting it done was tough because at that point you have everyone else’s voices in your head - the voices of the people on Instagram or review websites and journalists. You can hear them as you’re writing.

“You tell yourself ‘Sally in Texas wouldn’t relate to that’ and it took a lot of removing myself from that headspace to say ‘this is the story i want to write and it will find its audience’.

“I’m happy with this book, I’m more proud of this book because it is showing an improvement in me as a writer. And the character Daisy, she is a character people can get behind.”

Love At First Knight, published by HarperCollins, is released tomorrow (Thursday, April 25), RRP £8.99.

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