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After six years at Three Counties Dog Rescue in Bourne, Bentley’s time in a shelter is among the longest

A dog that has spent six years in a shelter could still find his ‘forever home’, his carers believe.

Bentley arrived at Three Counties Dog Rescue in Bourne in 2018 after his previous owners couldn’t cope with him.

They had bought him on Facebook.

Bentley will present a paw
Bentley will present a paw

Gyll Mauchline, founder of the Three Counties Dog Rescue, said: “At first it proved tricky to rehome Bentley because he had some problems with his tail, and he had a bit of a drama each time we tried to attach his lead.

“We’re fortunate to have volunteers with plenty of patience and understanding, and Bentley eventually accepted his harness and his lead without a fuss.”

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Now nine years old, the Great Dane-greyhound cross is slowing down a little.

Bentley is happy in the company of people
Bentley is happy in the company of people

Although he still likes his walks, he is happiest these days stretched out on a settee.

“Because he’s a big chap he’d be better in a home with older children who he can’t knock over,” said Gyll.

“He is not a fan of cats or other dogs, and would be happiest in an otherwise pet-free home with a garden enclosed by a high fence so he doesn’t chase off after any wildlife.

“Since arriving at Three Counties, Bentley’s video has been viewed 3,400 times, yet other dogs have proved more popular.

“But he is a lovely dog and deserves to find a home for his autumn years.”

Anyone who believes they can offer Bentley a permanent home can phone Gyll between 9am and 5pm on 01778 424953 or 07708 589792.

Bentley is an attentive dog who responds to humans
Bentley is an attentive dog who responds to humans

Three Counties Dog Rescue has successfully rehomed more than 7,000 dogs and cats since its formation in 1971.

All its animals are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before rehoming.

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