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Deeping St James tattoo artist Shaun Phillips to embark on 9th UK tour with multi-million streamed band LeBrock

It is set to be a busy year for one Lincolnshire tattoo artist as his band has announces a UK tour.

Shaun Phillips, from Deeping St James, is not your average inker.

When he’s not giving people unique designs alongside his wife Yam at Black Cauldron Tattoos in Peterborough, the dad-of-one is the singer and main lyricist of rock and synthpop duo LeBrock.

This will be LeBrock's ninth tour
This will be LeBrock's ninth tour

Performing with bandmate and long-time friend Michael Meadows, the pair are getting ready to embark on their ninth tour starting in Manchester on September 4.

“I'm really happy to be playing bigger venues in the UK,” said Shaun.

“My first proper show that I went to was seeing a Stamford band play at The Garage in London and now I'm going to be headlining it.

“We have managed to tour all of Europe and the UK so far, we haven't managed to get over to the States yet but it's where our biggest fan base is so I'm sure it will happen.”

On Spotify, LeBrock has 95,600 monthly listeners, with some of their most popular songs accumulating more than five million plays.

But when he needs a break from the spotlight, Shaun finds happiness in the tattoo industry, of which he has been part of for some 12 years.

Some of the band's songs have more than five million streams on Spotify
Some of the band's songs have more than five million streams on Spotify
Shaun has been a tattoo artist for 12 years
Shaun has been a tattoo artist for 12 years

“Balancing the business and the band has been quite hectic as both really drain all my free time, but I try to involve my wife and child in it to make it work,” he said.

“I listen to music all day at work so I'm always getting inspired.”

But Shaun says his life is never boring and the best part of being a tattoo artist is the people he gets to meet from all walks of life and all over the UK.

“Creativity is very important to me, I like to inspire and be inspired by others.

“There is so much out there, and all the things I have achieved are through just never giving up and following my dreams.

“If you give up on your dreams, what's next?”

Tickets can be bought here.

LeBrock will be performing in Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Sheffield, Nottingham, London, Bedford, Bristol, Cardiff and Dublin.

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