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Grantham Independents leader says it’s been a ‘breath of fresh air’ since the Rainbow Coalition took over South Kesteven District Council

Wow, what a breath of fresh air it has been since the new Rainbow Coalition took charge last May, writes Ian Selby, of the Grantham Independents.

In over 28 years I’ve been on the council, I’ve just had the most memorable and enjoyable year of them all. In the past I’ve always had to work hard from the back benches to try and achieve something, and I’m proud of my efforts.

I was never given a single opportunity by the previous administration and now I’ve absolutely loved my role as Chairman of the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Pushing the environment agenda is so very important for future generations, and we have to be proactive and look to the future. We have a fabulous team of environmental officers at the council and I absolutely value and thank every single one of them for their efforts.

Councillor Ian Selby, Grantham Independents
Councillor Ian Selby, Grantham Independents

I’ve also been very proud to be the Leader of the Grantham Independents. A position I always stated would be a temporary role. Just like this column, I decided to share it around our group and give the readers a different perspective from the Independent group. I feel that sharing the leadership role will only greatly benefit the community.

Initially I wanted to assist my fellow Independents in their first year as councillors to help them get to grips with a tough job for our community. Make no mistake about it, it is a tough job. It’s easy for some people to criticise, but try having a go yourself if you think it’s easy. As councillors we can do things really well for 99% of the time, but if we make just one mistake, everybody always remembers the one error.

These though are a truly fabulous group of Independents and they deserve much credit for their efforts so far. Everyone of them has some outstanding qualities and leadership skills. Councillors; Chris Noon, Elvis Stooke, Tim Harrison, Steven Cunnington, Phil Gadd and last but certainly not least another smashing nice chap Paul Stokes, I’d like to thank you all for your honesty, integrity, commitment and friendship. I wish them all well in the forthcoming Town Council elections.

Due to time constraints I’m not standing at these elections. I have other big challenges ahead and I want to put my energies into them for the benefit of our community. Our forthcoming new radio station Hive FM is one such role for our community. I’ve also had nearly 50 classical singing lessons, and I’d like to progress it further. Also the South Kesteven Charity Cup is a fabulous project I’m involved with. If the future is even half as good as this last year, then bring on the challenges.

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