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South Kesteven District Councillor calls for weight restriction in Harrowby Road, Grantham, following surge in HGV traffic

A South Kesteven District Councillor has called for a weight restriction to be implemented on a narrow road in Grantham, following a recent surge in HGV traffic.

Coun Charmaine Morgan (Democratic Independent) has called on Lincolnshire county councillor Adam Stokes (Conservative), who represents Grantham South, to advocate for the weight restriction on Harrowby Road, Grantham, following numerous complaints from residents.

Coun Morgan highlighted that the situation has deteriorated to the point where people are refusing to park on the road.

Harrowby Road in Grantham. Photo: Google
Harrowby Road in Grantham. Photo: Google

Not only has her car been written off due to lorries colliding with it, but she has also lost her wing mirror three times in the past two years, each incident costing her around £200.

“We are noting a significant increase in HGVs using Harrowby Road, Grantham. This road narrows with a slope outside the St Anne’s School and has a blind bend,” said Coun Morgan.

“It is not suited to the size of vehicle now using it, which includes construction dumper trucks. My own car has been written off once and subsequently we have lost several wing mirrors.

Grantham Independent Councillor Charmaine Morgan.
Grantham Independent Councillor Charmaine Morgan.

“Residents living on the corner of Harrowby Road and Bridge End Road are suffering from the vibrations and noise as the vehicles brake and turn outside their home. This residential road is becoming an inappropriate rat run and our community needs protection from the additional hazard, dust and noise from these vehicles.”

Coun Morgan also noted that many of these vehicles are speeding down the road, adding: “When you’ve got a dumper truck speeding down a residential road, that’s no joke.”

In her letter to Coun Stokes, she concluded: “Please advise the process required for weight restriction and commence that process ASAP.”

In response, Coun Stokes wrote: “This is something that I am looking at for various roads in the division, however as a county council we have many requests across the county for access by HGVs to be controlled.

Adam Stokes
Adam Stokes

“Such restrictions must be supported by the introduction of a traffic regulation order (TRO) which involves extensive investigation, consultation, and staff resources to deliver. The introduction of a restriction in any location will need to consider where restricted vehicles are likely to be diverted and the potential impact on the surrounding communities, and it is for this reason that they are often introduced across a wider area, or zone.

“A lot of the traffic on Harrowby Road comes from the Alma Park Industrial Estate and if this was put into place, their options would be going down Belton Lane, through Londonthorpe village and up Harrowby Lane. Both the latter two could probably involve them coming down Bridge End Road to go on the A1 northbound or the A52 until the relief road is finished.

“It’s also worth bearing in mind that weight limits are currently enforced by the police who, owing to pressures on their own resources, may not be able to carry out this function effectively.

“In recognition of the increasing demand for this type of order, the council’s position on the future delivery of weight limits throughout the county is to be considered as part of a review of our traffic management plan.

“A decision on this will be taken by the Highways and Transportation Committee and we await the outcome of this and as soon as this is done I will be in contact with you again.”

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