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Grantham councillor Patsy Ellis talks about tackling climate change

We can help to tackle climate change, writes Grantham Independent councillor Patsy Ellis.

In the words of Terry Wogan, ‘Is it me?’. Am I not the only one to wonder what on earth to wear these days? Rain gear, a cardi, boots, sandals, wellies or summer wear?

We are experiencing, and have experienced, some extraordinary weather over the last few years and months. Lincolnshire doesn’t often make the national news, however, on July 19, 2022 we hit the highest temperature in the county of 40.3 degrees celsius in Coningsby and that made the national news.

Councillor Patsy Ellis.
Councillor Patsy Ellis.

Although, we in Grantham were fortunate enough to escape the worst excesses of storms Babet and Henk earlier this year, surrounding villages were not so lucky. If we expand our horizons, you will see the devastating effects of climate change around the planet.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, climate change is a thing. It is here and is happening. Whilst we as a district/town will not make a huge difference, we can make a difference. All small steps can contribute to a major one. If we all ignore this crisis it will inevitably result in the destruction of the planet. The planet will survive but we won’t. That is the harsh reality.

Everyone I talk to, regardless of party affiliations, realises this and are concerned about the future for their children and grandchildren. With this in mind, we are setting up a group in Grantham called ‘Pride in Grantham’ where we are going to set up a litter picking group in Grantham in association with Keep Britain Tidy. We intend to launch this at the Wyndham Park Centenary celebrations on 13 July.

We’ll have an interactive stall there where you all can have an opportunity to take up our Right Thing Right Bin challenge using our litter picking equipment.

We’ll have prizes for those who put the right thing in the right bin as quickly as possible and we encourage you all to look at the SKDC website (skdc.gov.uk) which gives you guidance on the Right Thing Right Bin.

Not only will this give you an edge on the competition, but it will really make your life easier by not having your bin rejected and by these little steps, will help to save our gorgeous planet.

In the meantime, if you have any concerns about what goes in what bin or have any other issues, please contact your local councillor for guidance. It is what we are here for.

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