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We need to keep the traffic flowing while considering safety concerns, says Councillor Martin Hill, leader of Lincolnshire County Council

Councillor Martin Hill, leader of Lincolnshire County Council, focuses on speed limits in his latest column. He writes:

We have recently seen quite a lot of national headlines in relation to speed restrictions and speed reductions on our roads.

Perhaps the most controversial case has been in Wales, where they hit the headlines after the Welsh Government brought in new legislation which means that the default national speed limit will fall from 30mph to 20mph on all urban roads.

Councillor Martin Hill, leader of Lincolnshire County Council.
Councillor Martin Hill, leader of Lincolnshire County Council.

This was a controversial move from Welsh government and one which has produced a strong backlash with consultation ignored and dubious use of statistics to justify it. Not surprisingly 10% of the Welsh population have signed a petition against it and we hear that bus timetables and deliveries have been badly disrupted.

There will be places where 20mph will be sensible especially with local support but a blanket ban does smack of a money raising anti-motorist agenda. In rural areas like much of Lincolnshire ( as indeed Wales ) what might be acceptable in a very urban area would not seem so in the countryside.

Here in Lincolnshire we try our best to make sure we get the balance right between the need to keep traffic flowing whilst also considering the safety concerns of our residents. As is often the case accidents mostly occur due a misjudgment or reckless behaviour by a tiny minority who will ignore rules anyway.

Most drivers will willingly comply if the limit seems appropriate to them but there is a risk that they will increasingly ignore laws which seem unreasonable which is not something to be encouraged in society.

I think it is important to remind motorists that a speed limit is the maximum speed you should be driving through any given area, and we should all use our own judgement to drive at an appropriate speed for the conditions.

Where communities are in agreement and it is consistent with policy we will always consider requests to change speed limits. The council is about to undertake a review of speed limit policy to see if it does need refreshing and we would welcome views from interested parties and the public.

On the subject of our county’s highways, you may notice that the county council are continuing to invest in the re-surfacing of roads all around the county.

There are 77 roads in the county that are receiving a share of a £700,000 surface dressing scheme which started last month.

Whilst the extensive surface dressing works are happening there can be those who try to take advantage. Reports have come in of people being approached by supposed ‘crews’ who claim to be carrying out surface dressing in the area.

They then claim to have finished their job, but have some ‘leftover’ Tarmac and stone chips. The ‘crew’ then offer to cover a private residence driveway for cash-in-hand. Please be aware this is a scam.

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