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‘Gratitude is a superpower’, says Grantham councillor and leader of the opposition at South Kesteven District Council

Grantham Councillor Graham Jeal recounts on the town’s St George’s Day celebrations and aspirations for the impending town council.

As a Grantham Charter Trustee and as a parent I attended the St Georges day parade in Grantham [on Sunday, April 21].

Hundreds of Brownies, Cubs, Explorers, Squirrels, Rainbows, Beavers, Scouts and Guides from across our district paraded into St Wulfram's church.

Coun Graham Jeal
Coun Graham Jeal

The celebration of England’s patron saint has been reclaimed to remind us of all that is good about our country.

The parade was slightly different this year as the town centre has been locked down for building work that the district council have brought forward for Market Place.

The sense of occasion was perhaps slightly magnified by nobody quite knowing the route we were going to take to the church – satnav’s were on hand.

The story of St George slaying the dragon, confronting issues and being grateful for everything in our lives reminds us that gratitude is a superpower.

Grantham is finally going to get a voice through a parish or town council. My hope for the council is that it focuses on what really matters to residents and proceeds cautiously and prudently.

The South Kesteven District Council local plan under the Rainbow Alliance of Labour, Greens and independents will earmark thousands of new houses for Stamford, Grantham and Bourne.

It is a Stamford town councillor that has run a petition pointing out the absurdity of how SKDC parking charges are rocketing in the town.

It is the Stamford Town Council who are providing a voice for residents concerned about local infrastructure amid house building in the north of the town and who are arguing to protect Stamford green spaces.

Bourne Town Council proves that a reluctance to take on costly projects and a hands-on attitude towards events in the town, there is no need for significant increases in local taxation.

Bourne Town Councillors are working on traffic surveys to push back against plans for increased housing and litter picks to pick up where SKDC can’t or didn’t.

As a bigger town, Grantham’s voice will be louder on planning, it needs to be careful about taking on expensive liabilities and perhaps the Grantham Town Council will join the chorus to finally get something done about the litter on the A1 that SKDC are responsible for collecting.

Most of all, the town council will represent the hopes and aspirations of those who paraded through their home town in celebration of our country.

When you meet a candidate for the town council, with St George in mind you may perhaps be tempted to sharpen your sword, but perhaps it might be better to share your aspirations for our community.

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