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Grantham mother and daughter create homemade dog treats to raise money for caravan to travel ‘beautiful world’

A mother and daughter have created homemade dog treats to raise money for a caravan to travel.

Sarah Lean, 34, and her daughter Ella, nine, both from Grantham, are keen to buy a caravan to go on “some adventures” with their two dogs Willow and Oliver.

However, they need to raise money to buy a caravan and as a way to do this, they have started to sell homemade dog treats.

Ella with Sarella Dog Treats.
Ella with Sarella Dog Treats.

“Our dogs have really sensitive tummies and a lot of skin issues, so we looked into their diet and found a lot of the pre-made treats had so many ingredients that we couldn’t even pronounce,” said Sarah.

As a result, they started to make their own treats using peanut butter for their eldest dog Willow and she had no reaction to them.

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Sarah said: “It just became a habit making them and it feels so good to give them food that is as natural and simple as possible.”

Sarah and Ella's 'chief tasters' Willow (left) and Oliver (right).
Sarah and Ella's 'chief tasters' Willow (left) and Oliver (right).

The pair are now selling the treats under the name ‘Sarella’, a combination of their names.

To make the treats, Ella weighs the ingredients, mixes them together to form a dough and then rolls them out to cut out the shapes, which is Ella’s favourite part of the process.

Sarah then bakes them and lets them cool before they weigh them out to put them into bags.

“The cheese ones are the best, they smell like mini cheddars,” said Sarah.

She added: “We hope to have many more flavours soon and start dehydrating meats and sweet potatoes.

“We have researched a lot and discovered many of the ingredients in our treats are very beneficial to dogs.

“It feels good to know you’re feeding your pets good food. We even eat them ourselves!”

Sarah hopes they will be able to raise £1,000 to buy a caravan and put their “own spin on it”.

Even once the money is raised, they will continue to make the dog treats as Ella wishes to save up to visit Paris and its sights including the Eiffel Tower and the Mona Lisa portrait in the Louvre.

The pair love spending their time baking together.

Ella said: “I love that I get to spend time with mum and make people and their dogs happy at the same time.

“I really hope we can get our caravan and take our dogs on some adventures.”

Sarah said baking is “one of my favourite things to do” with Ella.

She added: “Ella wants to either be a baker, a scientist, artist and own her own business.

“This way she's doing all four in her own way!”

Sarah plans to launch a website for the treats, but at the moment sells them through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/387491603770731/.

For a 100g bag of biscuits it cost £2.50.

Current flavours on offer include peanut butter, banana and oat, all of which are flour and egg free.

“Ella is thinking hard about coming up with some new treats for Halloween and Christmas,” said Sarah.

She added: “The possibilities are endless and although we only make a very small amount and it's going to take a very long time, I have every hope that we will achieve our dream and get to explore our beautiful world.”

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