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Then and Now: In 1910 police stationed officers at in and around Grantham to catch motorists speeding.

In 1910 the police stationed officers at various places in and around Grantham to catch motorists speeding, writes Ruth Crook of Grantham Civic Society.

The five motorists concerned were summoned to appear at Spittlegate Petty Sessions.

One motorist covered three miles in five minutes, which was 36 miles per hour. As it was his first offence, he was charged £1 plus costs.

The old A1.
The old A1.

Another motorist covered three miles in 4¾ minutes, which worked out at 37 17/19 miles per hour. He had several other convictions and was charged £3 and costs.

The third motorist travelled four miles in eight minutes, which was 30 miles per hour. His car was fitted with a speedometer, so it was thought that there was no excuse for his speeding. He had previously been fined twice and so was charged £10 plus costs.

The route of the old A1
The route of the old A1

The fourth motorist travelled two miles in 3½ minutes, which was 34 2/7 miles per hour. The police had also received a complaint that this car had splashed a cyclist whilst driving through a puddle after heavy rain. He was charged £1 per costs.

The final motorist travelled three miles in six minutes, so at 30 miles per hour. When he was flagged down by

police, his passenger, who was his employer, tried to persuade the police not to report it. The young

driver was charged 2s 6d, whilst his employer was charged £1 plus costs for trying to bribe the

police. The speed limit between 1903 and 1931 was 20mph.

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